Prospeed Hiload 6×6 Truck with special equipment for EV fires

Prospeed Hiload 6×6 Truck with special equipment for EV fires

The new modified Toyota Hilux Fire Truck designed by UK-based Prospeed, features special systems for extinguishing EV battery fires at early stages, with off-road flexibility and an increased payload compared to regular Toyota Fire Trucks.

Previously, we’ve looked at the uses of the Coldcut Cobra system as a means of dealing with battery fires, now, this very same system is being utilised by a bespoke Toyota Hilux Fire Truck to quickly deal with battery fires whilst they are at an early stage of ignition.

The Coldcut Cobra system built into the fire truck has the capacity to pierce the outside shell of a battery with a pressure of 300 bar (over 100 times the pressure of air in a car tire), directly into the module and halting thermal runaway.

The truck itself has many state-of-the-art features and functions. Due to its modified size, it has the capacity to fit into tight spaces, such as multi-story car parks and basements of larger buildings, usually spaces that regular fire trucks cannot enter.

The design of the fire truck also allows for carrying heavy amounts of weight, due to the 6×6 conversion.

The truck offers a payload of 6613 pounds, which is about triple that of a standard Hilux, and features a 12,346-pound gross vehicle weight rating. What’s more, the truck is far more nimble off-road than most others and can travel easily over unpaved surfaced, perfect for many scenarios and settings around the Middle East.