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Firefighters from the Al-Jleeb and Al-Samoud centres responded to a blaze in Al-Hasawwi over the weekend after a fire broke out in an Arab house. The teams quickly managed to gain control of the situation and extinguish the flames and their efficient response prevented further escalation,...

The new modified Toyota Hilux Fire Truck designed by UK-based Prospeed, features special systems for extinguishing EV battery fires at early stages, with off-road flexibility and an increased payload compared to regular Toyota Fire Trucks. Previously, we've looked at the uses of the Coldcut Cobra system...

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Thailand’s construction sector is experiencing growth due to heightened government and foreign investments in the East Economic Corridor (EEC) program. The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has substantial financial injection anticipated to unlock lucrative business opportunities across diverse sectors, including the development of factories, smart cities, commercial and residential buildings, and hospitality projects.

Take part in Secutech Thailand 2024, the most international security and fire safety exhibition showcasing the latest technologies that deliver integrated solutions for city developments.

Secutech Thailand: The business and technology platform for security professionals in Asia. Showcasing video analysis, software & and platform, contactless, Al-enhanced surveillance solution, and access control.

Fire & Safety Thailand: Thailand has allocated resources to modernize its firefighting capabilities. Secutech Thailand concurrent with Fire & Safety Thailand presented the updated products and solutions including active fire safety, passive fire safety, industrial safety, and disaster prevention and rescue.

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