Cold Cut Systems’ Cobra appropriate for lithium-ion battery fires

Cold Cut Systems’ Cobra appropriate for lithium-ion battery fires

In collaboration with several other companies, Cold Cut Systems has investigated whether Cobra can be used on lithium-ion battery fires, discovering extremely optimistic results.

Safe and efficient handling of li-ion battery fires may soon be much easier, through the use of stopping lithium-ion propagation with Cobra.

Full-developed propagations in lithium-ion batteries are very rare. But when they occur, fire and rescue services lack a practical method to interrupt the process of fire and thermal runaway.

Currently, when this propagation develops, the main way of combating an inevitable fire is to limit spread and cool with large amounts of water, which can be time-consuming, unpredictable and wasteful.

Testing in Kungsbacka in Sweden by a number of collaborators, led by Cold Cut Systems, has resulted in a new manageable solution being determined.

Cobra began pre-testing in 2021, experiments consisted of flooding lithium-ion batteries with water to enable efficient and fast extinguishing in a fire event. The ultra-high pressure water mist and capability to pierce through all-known construction material makes Cobra a well-suited tool to this purpose.

The results of the project are considered to be very successful; the propagation was stopped and thermal runaway was interrupted. All tests within the project have been completed, and a report with the findings and results has now been made available to the public.

All signs point to Cobra being the appropriate lithium-ion flooding technique in the future, enabling more usage of li-ion batteries in the industry.