Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision

The Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision from TLX Fire & Security is UL HazLoc, ATEX, and IECEx certified for use in fire suppression systems in hazardous locations. This top-mounted linear actuator acts as its own enclosure, meets regulatory standards for supervision, and has specifiable force output.

Hazardous locations where flammable substances may be present in the atmosphere require specially designed fire suppression systems. Many of these systems rely on a series of electric and pneumatic actuators to route discharge pressure through the system, and each connection creates a potential leak point. Because an electrical input to the actuator could cause a spark that may ignite the atmosphere around it, many of these systems also need a specialized enclosure.

The Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision overcomes these challenges. This top-mounted linear actuator does not act as a pressure vessel on the discharge valve and connects to the system at a single point, reducing the number of potential leak points in the system. Specific design features and material grade selections allow the actuator to act as its own enclosure. The integrated supervisory feature also provides fully engaged installation detection. Additionally, the actuator’s force output can be configured during production to accommodate the operating pressure of any system up to 300 bar.

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Master your next flow test

Embark with Hose Monster® on our quest for the perfect flow test. Our lineup of meticulously engineered flow-testing equipment has you covered for precision testing, comprehensive flushing, and effective dechlorination.


In the realm of flow testing, Pitotless Nozzle™ technology from Hose Monster® reigns as the ultimate tool for convenient, precise results. It simplifies the measurement process, enabling accurate and reliable system evaluations without the complexity. And for the smartest, most accurate flow test you’ve every taken, equip yourself with the Smart Monster™, which has a Bluetooth™ pressure reader and can read distances up to 1000 feet when paired with up to two Range Extenders. Equip yourself with the Smart Monster™, which has a Bluetooth™ pressure reader and can read distances of 1000 feet and beyond when paired with two or more Range Extenders.


When it comes to flushing, the dynamic duo of Little Hose Monster® and BigBoy Hose Monster® provide an unparalleled solution for thorough, effective results. The lightweight Little Hose Monster is ideal for removing sediment and ensuring water quality in smaller mains and hydrants. Meanwhile, the BigBoy Hose Monster brings the power to tackle larger pipes, effortlessly clearing debris and contaminants.


Daunted by the stress that dechlorination places on your hydrant testing and flushing? Enlist the help of The Dechlor Demon™ from Hose Monster®. It works with existing systems to neutralize water discharged during testing and flushing—without affecting flow test results or adding stress to hydrant nozzles.

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