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View On Demand – Axis EN, the High-Performing Fire System Approved to EN 54

Global fire systems manufacturer Advanced’s webinar, giving a comprehensive overview of its industry-leading Axis EN fire system, is now available to view on demand.
In this informative session, Vladimir Zrnic, Advanced’s Regional Sales Manager, explains how features of Axis EN, including its extensive networking capabilities, versatile detection range and built-in false alarm management and reduction software AlarmCalm, make it ideal for creating robust fire protection across a wide range of applications.

Advanced has been manufacturing high-performance fire protection solutions in the UK for over two decades. Its solutions are trusted to protect people and property around the globe, in sites ranging from large-scale industrial complexes and oil pipelines to universities, hotels and transport hubs.

Axis EN has been approved to EN 54 Parts 2, 4, and 13 and also holds prestigious FM approval, ensuring the highest levels of performance, quality and peace of mind for its users.

The system’s not only robust, but also easy to use – from installation and commissioning to servicing, maintenance and day-to-day operation. Whether you’re networking complex, high-risk sites with complicated cause and effect, or integrating with a building management system, intuitive software and panel navigation make setup straightforward.

Vlad said: “Our programme of podcasts and webinars has been specially designed to keep new and existing customers informed about our fire protection solutions while international travel restrictions remain in place.
“Whether you want to minimise false alarms, integrate with building management systems, remotely monitor networked sites, or simply discover more about our range of products for markets where EN approval is required, this webinar is for you.”

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Water, Foam and Dry Chemical based firefighting system Manufacturer

Since our inception in 1994, Firetech has been a leading Indian company in firefighting industry. Firetech has been a pioneer of foam-based suppression system in India. Today 25 years later, we stand tall as a manufacturer of Water, Foam and Dry Chemical based firefighting system for Indian and International markets. Apart from manufacturing, we provide design and engineering solutions for industries. Our in-house Design and Engineering team is adept at providing a customized solution for various types of fire hazards.

At Firetech we provide a broad portfolio of water, foam and powder-based fire-fighting and detection products. Our products have been field tested over the last 2 decades across the globe. Also comply to the global and local testing and carry various approvals including UL, CE, IS and many more to comply with NFPA, OISD and other global requirements.

    • Foam Bladder Tank – (200 to 15000 Ltrs.) with Pre-piped Foam Proportioner
    • Foam Maker with Pourer
    • Foam Chamber with Deflector
    • Foam Monitor – Fixed Flow ,750 GPM
    • HVLR Foam Monitor , Variable Flow of 1000-1500-2000 GPM
    • Deluge Valves
    • Inline Balance Foam Proportioner
    • Medium Velocity Spray Nozzle
    • Foam Concentrate
    • Remote Operated HVLR Monitors
    • Foam Concentrate Atmospheric Tanks (upto 50000 Ltrs.)
    • Medium & High Expansion Foam Generators
    • Inline Foam Inductor
    • Foam Spray Nozzles
    • Automatic & Manual Type DCP Systems
    • Portable Foam Inductors
    • Foam Branch Pipes
    • Twin Agent (DCP & Foam) Skids.



Organisations that are already working in , or wish to work in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, should be familiar with the Saudi Building Code and it’s fire requirements, in order to ensure the health and safety of occupants, and protect their brand from any liabilities.

To learn more about the code, access our training course, where Intertek’s global expert Michael Beaton (Director of Special Projects – USA) with 33 years of industry experience goes in depth about how the codes are organized, the key concepts of the code and the fire and smoke protection features.

The regional team of Cristina Perez (Regional Operations Manager for MEA region), Deepesh Srivastava (Senior Project Engineer – MEA) and John Downey (Regional Manager – MEA), also covered key technical topics related to Testing Basics & Code Requirements, Certification Processes for Building Products and Engineering Judgements.

Intertek understands the rapidly changing Gulf market, and it’s dedicated team of engineers, inspectors and technical experts based in the UAE, are readily equipped to support global customers gain access to the Gulf Market.

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New NFPA Certification Learning Paths

NFPA Certification Learning Paths help plot a successful journey to advanced certifications. This new series of web-based training helps you feel confident in the subject matter of the certification exam. The training is delivered conveniently online so you can learn on your own terms, and at your own pace.

The National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) has developed three new Learning Path programs to help professionals in different fields prepare for certification credentials at their own pace and at the level they deem necessary. Stakeholders looking to prepare for Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS®), Certified Fire Inspector (CFI-I), and Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE) exams can customize their studying approach to include individual online training modules or a full program with more comprehensive educational content

The new online certification training is being introduced at a time when people have become accustomed to remote work and virtual education opportunities due to a global pandemic, while fewer in-person courses are being conducted. Available 24/7, each Learning Path program has its own set of strategies for helping students grasp the subject matter. All three offerings include a practice exam component, as well as a final capstone activity to test knowledge and core responsibilities.

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Cristanini Spa, international leader in the production of waterjetting systems, takes a leap forward in the construction of anti-fire equipment with two advanced systems of first attack on fire in open or confined areas.

According to industry statistics, almost 80% of the Fire fighters interventions take place for small fires and the new systems have therefore been designed to ensure rapid, effective and safe interventions using modest quantities of water before the fire becomes uncontrollable.

The speed is obtained by containing dimensions and weights in order to utilize light and manageable road vehicles, while the effectiveness and the modest quantities of water are the result of the use of the water mist technique that turns a jet of water into a very fine mist (1 liter of water at 350bar produces 2 bilions of drops with a drop diameter of 9 ÷ 30 µ and a heat exchange surface of 50m2) able to dilute the O2 of the air by cooling and suffocating the fire as well as creating a thermal barrier on the hot spots.

Furthermore, the use of modest quantities of water is of particular importance, not only because it involves less weight to be transported, but also because it reduces the damages of the intervention which are sometimes greater than those of the fire itself.

Finally, safety is guaranteed by the fact that the Cristanini systems, unlike competitive groups, are perfectly compliant with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/CE All.1).

The FIRE STOP 200 system offers an effective first fire attack in open areas such as campsites, sports facilities, vehicles, etc. or confined accessible areas such as museums, theaters, cinemas, shopping malls, silos or Roll On-Off ships, etc.

This equipment is characterized by reduced overall dimensions for installation on small vehicles and it presents particular versatility thanks to the use of a lance-nozzle system with 4 functions: High Pressure, Low Pressure, Water Mist, Water + Foam.

The WJFE-300 system ( Water Jet Fire Estinguisher) instead is a new generation Cutting Extinguisher with simple and intuitive use, which fully complies with Machinery Directive, 
for the first fire attack in confined spaces where it is needed to access and quell the fire without creating dangerous backfires.

In fact, the use of a special lance, equipped with an abrasive tank, creates in a few seconds on any wall a hole. Through this hole a jet of Water Mist, in the form of very fine mist, is injected by a special nozzle with ruby ​​insert; the Water Mist jet suffocetes the fire, cools the environment and does not damage people or things.


Advanced Solutions for Fire Suppression Systems

Custom design is our specialty, so if we do not already have a solution for your unique system, we will make one for you. Our actuation solutions are fast and durable, compliant to UL, FM, CE, LPCB, and VDE and can be configured to fit any system.

Supervised Latching Solenoid Actuator

  • Fully-engaged installation detection
  • Integrated supervision with 6-wire standard
  • Strongest actuation force for package size
  • Recognized component to UL 864

Increased Force Supervised Latching Actuator

  • Accommodates operating pressures up to 80 bar
  • Fully-engaged installation detection
  • Strongest actuation force for package size
  • Integrated supervision with 6-wire standard
  • Recognized component to UL 864

High-Pressure Supervised Latching Actuator

  • Accommodates operating pressures of 200-300 bar
  • Fully-engaged installation detection
  • Strongest actuation force for package size
  • Integrated supervision with 6-wire standard
  • Recognized component to UL 864

Supervised Actuator for Hazardous Locations

  • Top-mounted actuator acts as enclosure, eliminating need for additional components
  • Decreases potential leak points in your system
  • Force output can be matched to any operating system pressure

Supervised Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve

  • Designed for pre-action and deluge systems
  • Compliant to UL & NFPA 13: Sec.

Liquid Level Sensor

  • Displays levels of extinguishing agent in system’s tank through digital reading or visual indicator
  • Gives more accurate reading by eliminating the variability of human interpretation
  • Accounts for system differences

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AQUASYS protects substations in Dubai

AQUASYS developed a concept and demonstrated the effectiveness of high-pressure water mist in a fire test on a 1:1 replica 132 KVA transformer. After successfully convincing a technical committee, AQUASYS went through the certification process for water mist systems and is now approved as a manufacturer in the UAE by the local authority Dubai Civil Defence for this application.

Fire protection of substations to maintain a secure power supply is of special importance for large energy suppliers. Because of fast and efficient operation of high-pressure water mist fire-fighting systems the share of this technology is steadily increasing worldwide also for protection of transformer stations.

After finalization of the design for the first substation with special requirements such as 100% redundancy of the water supply station for highest reliability of the system, even in case of fully loss of any power supply, AQUASYS delivered the first system in 2017, installed and successfully commissioned by our local partner Vision Safety. Thanks to the excellent work of our partner Vision Safety, a considerable number of substations have been equipped with our system in the meantime.

We are very pleased that constantly Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for several substations were done successfully in our plant. For further information regarding this project or for common information about protection of transformer systems with high pressure water mist, please contact Mr. Michael Bindreiter. (


Boosting safety for EV/HEV

In the global transition to renewable fuels, there is an increasing demand for hybrid or electrical vehicles. Knowledge is limited about the fire risk associated with vehicles having these new energy carriers. Consequences connected to risks of Li-ion batteries can be serious and result in toxic gas emissions or explosion.

Fire suppression system for vehicles have been on the market for decades and are widely used and regulated across a wide variety of industries. However, these systems are tested to be effective on vehicles with combustion engines and all test standards are designed with this in mind. The growth of the electric and hybrid electric vehicle industry has accelerated the demand for new fire suppression technologies.

Dafo has together with their project partners and RISE research institutes of Sweden, explored different techniques to detect potential battery failure, as early as possible, and take immediate action to stop, or delay, a potentially hazardous situation. The partners studied the various fire risks related to battery spaces, including specific risks when charging, and procedures for handling electric vehicles and batteries after a crash. Through extensive testing, the Li-IonFire team better understood how a breakdown occurs within the battery and how it can be detected.

If a fire suppression system is activated at this early stage, the battery can be brought back to a safe state, without the fire developing further. Li-IonFire delivers to the market a product that didn’t exist until now, a system that can offer real protection against battery fires.


Combining Smart control with reliable detection

With more than 20 years of life safety detector design and manufacturing experience WizMart are co-operating with Snido, who are designing and manufacturing a range of Smart control panels and accessories, to bring a range of Smart life safety systems to the market.


The Snido Uno has been designed to provide a common platform on which a Smart addressable, conventional or extinguishing fire detection control panel can be built.

With a loop capacity of 250 devices, a maximum of two loops and conventional options from 4 to 16 zones the Uno is a versatile control panel for small to medium scale installations.

Building on the Uno platform, the Snido xCore is a modular control panel concept that uses Snido smart expansion cards to provide large conventional and addressable system capability.

The Snido smart expansion cards provide the capacity to expand from 4 to 64 conventional zones or 1 to 12 smart addressable loops. Each smart expansion card (2 Loops) is microprocessor controlled to provide continued independent operation in the event of processor failure elsewhere.

Peer to peer networking capability using RS485 communications via copper or fiber will make campus type installations easy to install and manage.

Using the Snido secure communications gateway Wi-Fi connection for cloud connectivity, Modbus for BMS communications and other communications pathways will also be accessible.

The xCore 10” capacitive touchscreen provides clear information.Both ranges are fully compatible with WizMart protocol range of smoke, heat and combination detectors. A selection of smart warning devices and modules provide local notification and interface capabilities.

R. dos Aguadeiros Zona Industrial de Vilamoura 


Improve access and ventilation with Dorgard Pro

Do you need to improve access and ventilation throughout your building but fire doors are getting in the way? Fireco’s retainer, Dorgard Pro, allows you to hold your fire doors open legally and safely. Dorgard Pro’s hardwired controller, ProHub, provides real-time reports on the status of your devices.

Fire doors are a vital part of fire safety, however, because they are self-closing and heavy they can act as a barrier to users.

Dorgard Pro is a retaining device that allows you to hold fire doors open at any angle, improving access and ventilation. Dorgard Pro is controlled by radio signal from the ProHub, meaning that in the event of a fire Dorgard Pro will allow the doors to close, preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

ProHub is a separate controller which can be directly connected to any fire alarm panel and communicates with Dorgard Pro via radio signal. Because of this, our Pro systems are suitable to use in areas of high risk.

ProHub comes with the additional feature of InSite. InSite is a cloud-based software that allows you to remotely monitor your Pro Range installations. You can manage your Pro devices in real-time from any location and gain control over fire safety and compliance in your building.


Everlux Photoluminescent Evacuation Plans: effective guidance during an emergency!

Evacuation plans are an essential element of a complete safety signage system. When strategically and conspicuously located throughout the building, evacuation plans became a vital aid to evacuees and rescue teams in the event of an emergency.


To comply with current legislation, employers should plan for emergencies and provide appropriate training to their staff. Emergency evacuation plans are the best way to inform the users of a building about the correct actions to adopt in an emergency.

The first function of an evacuation plan is to show the users the layout of the premises where they are, as well as all the emergency equipment available and the evacuation routes to be used in case of an emergency. This will also be used to provide emergency teams with that same information in case of an accident.

Evacuation plans must be displayed near the access to the floors and in areas where people stand, for example near the entrances and exits of buildings, near elevator and stair lobbies, and other common assembly areas.

An evacuation plan development project takes in to account the main architectural features of the building, the location of the fire-fighting and other emergency equipment, the “You are Here” symbol and the primary and secondary escape routes.

Everlux evacuation plans are photoluminescent to ensure that they remain luminescent and therefore visible, even in a blackout, for users and intervention brigades.

You can read all the essential technical and compliance details on the Everlux evacuation plans in the following link:


The revolution in fire protection fire training!

It was a revolution in firefighting and fire protection training technology when about 30 years ago, in accordance with local standards, AISCO developed the first propane gas fire trainer in Europe. Up until then environmentally harmful fossil fuels had had to be ignited. A few years later, AISCO also provided fire departments with the first propane-fueled fire training containers. Today, AISCO supplies almost every type of training equipment and systems, and its many years of know-how are reflected in its ingenious technology.

In addition to the wide range of equipment for firefighting and fire protection training, AISCO’s speciality is to design and manufacture special equipment exactly fitting the customer’s requirements.

Bild mit der Firetrainer Serie
Bild E 1502
Bild Großflachenbrenner
Bild Gefahrgutanlage
Bild Lux Gefahrgutanlage

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The Future of Flow Testing

Are you ready to go Pitotless? Hose Monster’s patented Pitotless Nozzles have revolutionized the flow testing industry. No more damaged Pitots. No more burdensome tests. What you get is a safer, more efficient and accurate flow test than anything else out there, helping make fire destruction a thing of the past.


Little Hose Monster & Pitotless Nozzle

Small in stature, big on results. Combined with our patented Pitotless Nozzle the Little Hose Monster is not only lightweight and portable but also incredible accurate and reliable.

Big Boy Hose Monster

For big jobs, there’s the Big Boy Hose Monster. This flow rate device can handle high flow hydrants and fire up to 10,444 LPM safely and accurately.

In-Line Pitotless Nozzle

When it’s tight and tough, reach for the In-Line Pitotless Nozzle. Versatile for accurate standpipe and hose cabinet flow testing when discharging into a closed-loop system, a drain, a hose, or open atmosphere.

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