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A buyer’s guide to fire products and solutions available in the region.


Brandschutztechnik Mueller Equipment for testing services

Founded in 1980, Brandschutztechnik Müller is a German machine manufacturer, specialized in producing service and filling equipment in the field of Fire Fighting and fire extinguisher service. Our product range includes DCP Powder filling and emptying machines, CO2 filling units, pressure test equipment and water flow testing devices.


It all started with the idea to make the DCP Powder Fire Extinguisher service safer and more secure for the employee in charge. Our first Powder Suction Machine was the beginning of dust free emptying and filling of Powder Fire Extinguishers. Getting more experience, we expanded our product range of filling and service equipment so that we can offer solutions from a single source today. Our machines are produced in Germany.

From the beginning, we have always attached great importance to quality. This is why our machines have a very long life span and are nearly maintenance-free.

Service units of Brandschutztechnik Mueller combine maximum efficiency, maximum occupational safety and maximum environmental protection.

Our Product range includes:

  • Powder Filling and Emptying Machines
  • Water and Foam Filling Systems
  • CO2 Filling units
  • Pressure test Equipment
  • Waterflow measuring devices
  • Tools for Service vehicles and Workshops

Convince yourself of the work of our machines and visit our YouTube channel. More information can be found on our website or contact us directly.

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Advanced Solutions for Fire Suppression

Our solenoids and actuators are fast and durable, compliant to UL, FM, CE, LPCB and VDE, and can be configured to fit any system. And if we do not already have a solution for your unique system, we will make one for you.

Supervised Hazardous Locations Actuator

The supervised hazardous locations actuator was designed to accommodate different operating system pressures, agents, and potential dangers of a hazardous and gaseous location. This top-mounted actuator acts as an enclosure itself, eliminating the need for additional components. It significantly decreases the number of potential leak points in your system and features the greatest resistance possible to highly corrosive environments. In addition, its force output can be matched to any operating system pressure.

Liquid Level Sensor

This device can display the levels of extinguishing agent in your system’s tanks in several different ways, including digital readings and a visual indicator. It gives a more accurate reading than other indicators by eliminating the variability of human interpretation and accounting for system differences. This liquid level sensor is thermally compensated and has a high resolution of +/- 1mm liquid level.

Event Recorder

The event recorder logs a time-stamped record of your system’s events to show why it activates. It is compatible with all our actuators and features customizable communication options so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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Advanced Touchscreen Fire System Control

When it comes to fire systems, choosing technology that offers the highest levels of safety and protection is paramount, but in many settings, aesthetics are critical too. Thankfully, TouchControl, the touchscreen remote control terminal and repeater from Advanced means you don’t have to compromise on safety or style.

Sleek and versatile, TouchControl has a low-profile, high-resolution 10-inch touchscreen that lets you check the status of your fire system using interactive site maps and zone plans.

It gives you full zone-level information and control across your fire network and has been created so that firefighters can navigate the menus whilst wearing gloves.

Ideal for use in public areas, the panel’s design complements a wide range of interiors and when in standby mode, it can display adverts, presentations or notices – the screen instantly reverts to fire operation as soon as you touch it, or a fire condition occurs.

TouchControl’s two-part enclosure makes for fast, trouble-free installation and it’s also quick and easy to configure – just give the panel a valid network address and it’s fully operational. Settings are simple to program and adjust and passcodes make it easy to assign three different levels of user control.

TouchControl’s interactive maps and zone plans make navigation and status control clear and straightforward. Depending on the user’s permissions, they can evacuate, mute, silence, resound and reset the system using the touchscreen. They can also view, enable and disable zones, devices and outputs as well as check event logs and run tests.

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UL/FM Youngjin Loop Flexible Joint

Youngjin Flex lunched Korea’s first UL approved Loop Flexible Joint – U type & V type. Youngjin’s Loop Flexible Joint is UL/FM approved, with various type of connectors; Grooved, Threaded, Flanged, and Welded. This product is designed to move in all directions hence suitable for various applications, especially fire sprinkler systems.

Youngjin Flex earns trust and good responses from customers at home and abroad by producing and selling excellent industrial equipment such as bellows, flexible joints, expansion joints, sprinkler heads and hoses among others.

In particular, certification organizations and customers around the world recognizes the quality of Youngjin Flex products as its flexible sprinkler hose set for firefighting obtained UL, FM, LPCB, VdS, and CNBOP certificates, and the UL certified sprinkler head – quick and standard response.

Youngjin Flex is sharpening its competitiveness through continuous product development such as UL and FM approved Loop Flexible Joint – U type and V type. This product is compatible with various connectors, hence easy to install: couplings, nuts, and flanges.

The products were developed based on Youngjin Flex’s R&D center’s 30 years of know-how, and features excellent performance.

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