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A buyer’s guide to fire products and solutions available in the region.


Smart Liquid Level Measurement

Accurately calculating the amount of suppressive agent in a gaseous fire suppression system’s storage tanks is crucial for keeping the system operating. TLX’s Liquid Level Sensor automatically provides consistently accurate, thermally compensated weight readings that are not subject to the errors that are caused by the human interpretation of data.

TLX Technologies’ Liquid Level Sensor is comprised of a sealed tube with a magnetic float mounted on the outside of the tube. This tube is installed in the tank prior to being filled with the suppressive agent. There is another magnetic float inside the tube that interlocks with the float outside the tube, providing an accurate measurement of the fluid level inside the tank. At the end of the tube at the top of the tank is a sensor that sends float position and temperature data to a microcontroller, which is preprogrammed with a conversion table for that specific tank and suppressive agent configuration. The microcontroller then calculates the weight of the suppressive agent inside the storage tank.

The weight of the suppressive agent can be displayed directly at the tank on a digital display or transmitted to the fire control panel via a hardwired or wireless connection. Data can also be accessed remotely or downloaded using a USB connection. Additionally, a simple GO/NO-GO status can be displayed with a green/red LED to indicate the status of the storage tank.

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WEBER RIT-Tool for structural collapses

Structural collapses are not a regular, everyday occurrence for most rescue workers. Therefore, firefighters need to have equipment on disposal that allows universal application.

The RIT-Tool combines the advantages of a rescue cutter, a spreader, and a rescue ram and is therefore particularly suitable for small organizations having a limited budget for rescue equipment. This approach enables a free combination of sets, depending on the requirements and area of application.

As part of the new generation of battery-operated rescue devices, the RIT-Tool provides unique and innovative technologies.

SPEED CONTROL: Thanks to a newly developed switching valve, the device always finds itself in the maximum speed range, comparable with an automatic transmission in the car, which constantly engages the optimal gear. The operating speed can be increased by at least 25%, depending on the application.

A 360° rotatable and foldable handle made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic with an optimized grip surface makes the application more versatile and saves space in storage. It also protects the operator from electric shocks at voltages of up to 1,000 volts. LED lighting on the device ensures that the working area is evenly illuminated.

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Water Mist goes Warsaw

In 2021, the International Water Mist Conference will take place in Warsaw, Poland. The 20th edition of this event will start on 27th and end on 28th October. The venue will be The Regent Warsaw Hotel. The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) expect more than 100 delegates from around the globe.This event will be as international as ever.

Speakers will talk about the latest developments in the field of fire protection with water mist. All attendees will get the chance to exchange ideas, to get updated, to network, to meet all major researchers, manufacturers and distributors and to visit the exhibition which will run alongside the conference.

This will first and foremost be a face-to-face event, but IWMA will also offer the possibility to attend the event remotely. Ticket prices for attendees present and attendees who will watch the broadcast from their offices are identical which means that you still have time to make up your mind whether to travel to Warsaw or not. However, everybody needs to make up their minds by Mid-September.

Day one – which will contain a panel discussion on the publication of the European Water Mist Standard EN 14972-1:2020 – will be applications day and can be booked separately. Day two will mainly focus on sciences and research.


Axis AX, For All Your UL864 Requirements

In protecting people and property from the threat of fire, why install anything less than the best?
Whether you’re configuring protection across a large networked site, integrating smoke control or combining an audio solution alongside your fire system, Axis AX’s powerful solutions bring you peace of mind that you are in complete control of your fire protection.

Made in the UK, Advanced’s fire systems are relied upon around the globe to deliver high-performance fire protection. For over two decades, our products have been protecting a diverse range of sites, from schools, hospitals and hotels to large-scale industrial complexes and critical infrastructure projects.

With all system components approved to UL864, Axis AX has been tested to the highest standards of quality, reliability and technical integrity. The system’s not only robust, but also easy to use – from installation and commissioning to servicing, maintenance and day-to-day operation.

With an Axis AX fire system, you’ll also have access to DynamixSmoke. This revolutionary approach to smoke control uses a simple setup and programming process that radically reduces the time and associated costs of configuring fans and dampers.

Where integrated audio solutions are required, Advanced’s audio panel can be used in conjunction with any UL864 listed fire alarm control panel to provide automatic (and manual) fire alarm audio signalling and live voice paging during an emergency situation.
Advanced’s industry-leading fire protection technology is backed up by highly-rated technical support, training and customer service, so you can enjoy the highest levels of reliability and peace of mind when you choose Axis AX.

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Addressable Fire Detection Panels BSR-1001, BSR-1002, BSR-1004

Founded in 1979, Olympia Electronics S.A. is the market leader in the Greek electronic safety and security industry. We are providing the market with cutting edge and innovative solutions that mainly includes products of security lighting, fire alarm, gas detectors, burglar alarm systems and more. Olympia Electronics is already exporting to 72 countries and selling products to all 5 continents all over the world, collaborating with established key players in the safety systems domain.

The family of the addressable fire detection panels BSR-100X is characterized by completeness, as the system has from the beginning all the necessary devices and capabilities to satisfy the needs of every project.

  • Produced in accordance with EN54-2, EN54-4.
  • 128 zone capability.
  • Auto-addressing capabilities.
  • 220-240V AC mains power supply.
  • It offers 4 fully monitored siren outputs with a rating of 24V / 0,3A  and 1 programmable relay, as well as 8 extra relays.
  • Incorporated power supply with a rating of  24V/100W and built-in battery charger for 24V batteries with a capacity of up-to 15Ah.
  • The panels offer an extensive list of adjustments and characteristics for the control of the installed devices and sirens. These parameters can easily be adjusted using a PC based program.
  • The programming of the panel can also be done through an onboard USB.
  • Messages can be viewed on LCD display whereas LEDs are used to show basic operations such as alarms, pre alarms and faults.
  • The operation is done using the built-in 11 key keypad.
  • There is also an incorporated safety lock.
  • The maximum delay for the sirens is 10 minutes.
  • Optional Ethernet control capability.
  • Optional modbus expansion.
  • Optional external printer expansion.

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