Continuous Cylinder Weight Monitoring

The fire suppression system’s cylinders must contain the correct amount of extinguishing agent so that the system will be capable of extinguishing a fire. Being able to continuously monitor the amount of agent in the cylinders can help improve system safety.

Determining the amount of agent in a fire suppression system’s cylinders usually involves either weighing the cylinders, which requires disconnecting them from the system, or determining the level of the agent in the cylinders and manually calculating the weight, using a conversion table. However, these methods cannot provide continuous monitoring. To address this issue, TLX Fire & Security has developed a range of continuous weight-monitoring solutions.

Our Suspended Weight-Monitoring System and Platform Weight-Monitoring System monitor cylinder weight in real time and are accurate within 100 grams. If the weight falls below a designated threshold, an alarm can be sent directly to the fire control panel. Up to 20 weighing units can be connected in series and individually addressed to one central weight control panel, which can display individual cylinder weight and alarm condition.

Our Liquid Level Sensor automatically provides the thermally compensated weight of the extinguishing agent in the system’s cylinders. The weight can be displayed directly at the cylinders or accessed according to your specifications.

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