Remote Monitoring Adds Value

Integrated sensing and remote monitoring can add significant value to a fire suppression system. With many systems installed in remote locations and more employees working off-site, there is an increasing need to be able to remotely monitor fire suppression systems.

Monitoring for Fire Suppression Systems

Many fire suppression systems are installed in locations that are difficult to access such as telecom shelters, power substations, and offshore liquid natural gas and oil rigs. Additionally, many businesses are operating with fewer people on-site. These factors can make it difficult to monitor the status and health of fire suppressions systems.

Integrating sensors into fire suppression actuators means that data such as voltage, firing pin position, correct installation of the actuator, and even X, Y, Z shock axes can be recorded and monitored remotely. Liquid level sensors and weighing systems can automatically determine the weight of the extinguishing agent in the system’s cylinders.

Integrating sensors into key system components makes it possible to easily collect, analyze, and aggregate data in ways never before possible. When combined with the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, alerts warning of a system abnormality could be received on virtually any device, and a system’s status and health could be monitored from nearly any location.

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