Fire Middle East Webinars

Fire Middle East Sessions are unique, tailor-made webinar sessions that focus on pertinent industry issues, specific subject areas, continuous professional development and everything else related to the Middle East security industry. Each online session provides unique information and opportunities, including:

  • Industry-leading speakers sharing essential industry updates
  • Presentations from product and subject matter experts
  • Q&A sessions

With 20+ years industry experience and over 12,000 members in our database, we know exactly what our readers want to know about the latest product launches, industry challenges and market updates. If you missed the live session webinar you can still find everything you are looking for in our recorded versions which are available on YouTube.

We are always adding more webinars and fireside chats with industry leaders to our calendar, giving you the ideal chance to engage directly with experts in their field, such as regulatory bodies and fire suppression professionals – find out more and register here.

Fire Safety Solutions to Meet Any Fire Protection Challenge: Fire Middle East Sessions with Advanced

The Middle East’s flourishing fire protection market is creating high demand for fire alarm systems that offer wide-ranging solutions to a host of challenges.

IoT Basics for Fire Suppression Systems with TLX Technologies

In this session, we were joined by Dennis Jensen from TLX Technologies and Fire Safety Industry Expert – Miguel Coll to discuss connectivity, data collection and monitoring.

Fire Middle East Sessions with Fireco

In this session, we were joined by Pete Davies from Fireco to discuss, which is safer: wireless or hard-wired? True or false? Wireless myths. – What do the regulations say?

Fire Middle East Sessions with TLX Technologies

In this session, Fire Suppression specialists from TLX Technologies join us to discuss pertinent topics in the fire suppression industry.

Fire Middle East Sessions with Esteri Group

In this session, Esteri Group industry experts join us to discuss industry problems and solutions. The panel experts were: Antti Kalliomaki, IIkka Paatere and Henri Rinne.

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