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A buyer’s guide to fire products and solutions available in the region.
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Proano expands into Saudi Arabia with NanoMist

Proano Ltd are delighted to announce their new found partnership with The Aujan Industrial Group, a huge organisation involved in a variety of industries who became interested in Proano’s hugely successful watermist, kitchen fire suppression system, NanoMist. Together, both companies aim to protect commercial and industrial buildings in a safe and efficient manner.

Headquartered in Belfast, Ireland, Proano is at the forefront of watermist technology. Proano’s LPCB certified commercial kitchen product is the first certified watermist product to protect industrial and commercial kitchens used around the world in many 5 star hotels and restaurants. NanoMist fits easily and inconspicuously in to kitchen cooker hoods to ensure your commercial kitchen is protected at all times.

NanoMist’s watermist has notable benefits over its competitors:

  • The first watermist fire suppression product to be LPCB approved
  • Safe for people and occupied areas
  • Lower water volumes resulting in minimal damage
  • Rapid clean up times preventing extended downtime
  • Low cost system reinstatement following discharge
  • Smoke damage reduced
  • Easy & cost effective to service & maintain
  • Environmentally friendly

NanoMist originally began to grow in popularity when it first entered the Middle East. Many large hotels and restaurants loved the idea of watermist as a replacement for the countless wet chemical systems that currently dominated the market. This was due to the major benefits mentioned above, along with the fact that the system was so easily installed and because many believed it to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Proano products will be available in Saudi Arabia through the Aujan Industrial Supplies branches across the country in AlKhobar, Jubail, Jeddah and Yanbu. Installation, commissioning and aftersales provided by the trained technicians of Aujan, fully competent in handling turnkey projects.


ARASCA – Leader in pre-hospital medical equipment & solutions

Providing services since 2007, ARASCA has forged value added qualities with integrity and ethical practices to become the leading emergency and pre hospital medical equipment supplier in the region. Representing the world’s leading medical equipment brands, ARASCA caters to the private and government sectors from first aid kits to requirements for medical emergency services and equipping ambulances.

  • ARASCA’s clients include a broad spectrum of medical, emergency, industrial, educational, domestic and commercial sectors.
  • ARASCA is continually committed to enhance its services right from the presales process through to aftersales commitments.
  • Apart from quick and on time deliveries from the centrally located warehouse, ARASCA also provides comprehensive aftersales service which includes replenishing and servicing first air kits at the client’s premises. This means the integrity of the kits is assured all times and compliance maintained to prescribe standards.
  • ARASCA always keep up with the pieces of all these happenings to make sure to bridge the gaps between our suppliers and our clients; bridging the gap and staying in line with new technologies can help save lives in emergencies.
  • ARASCA is at the forefront in providing the latest innovations and advancements.
  • ARASCA distributes some of the world’s leading emergency and rescue products which are used by the emergency medical services, for training and rescue missions.
  • ARASCA is also the preferred supplier of EMS equipment for the leading ambulance and emergency vehicles manufacturers in the region.

The team at ARASCA undergoes extensive product training programs to ensure that the expertise and understanding is effectively relayed to customers and end users.


Phos-Chek ULTRA 1×3 AR-AFFF

Introducing Phos-Chek ULTRA 1×3 AR-AFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam), a new formulation demonstrating ICL Performance Products’ commitment to superior firefighting performance and environmental responsibility, meeting the most widely recognized and respected third party certifications including LASTFIRE, UL162, and EN1568, and the intent of the US EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program.

Phos-Chek ULTRA 1×3 AR-AFFF is used in emergency response situations, fire suppression systems, and manual applications to fight a broad range of Class B flammable liquid fires including hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline and diesel, and on polar solvent fuels such ketones and alcohols. Typical applications include storage tanks, loading racks, docks, process areas, warehouses, and as an excellent vapor suppressor for flammable liquid spills.

Phos-Chek ULTRA 1×3 AR-AFFF is a mixture of water, hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents, C6 fluorosurfactants and fluoropolymers. The product is a 1% x 3% concentrate that is intended to be proportioned at 1% for hydrocarbon fuel fires and at 3% for polar solvent fuel fires, allowing for rapid control and knockdown by producing a thin aqueous film on hydrocarbon fuels, or a polymer membrane on polar solvent fuels, that minimize vapor release. The foam blanket separates the fuel from the air, and continual draining of water from the foam blanket provides cooling at the fuel surface.

Approval certifications include:
LASTFIRE, UL 162, EN 1568-3 (Class IA) and EN 1568-4 (Class IA)

For more information, please contact Craig McDonnell via email: or via phone: +1 920-461-8790, or visit:

A buyer’s guide to fire products and solutions available in the region.
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BATfan: New Portable Battery Fan

LEADER continues to be a major player in the firefighting PPV world having recently developed the BATfan.

BATfan is powerful with 24 050 m3/h (14 155 CFM) and lightweight for completely self-contained operation and allows fast implementation and maximum flexibility during response, while requiring little storage space.

2 versions are available:

  • BATfan 20-minute runtime with a total weight of 24.7 kg
  • BATfan 45-minute with 28 kg

They also run on mains electricity if necessary.

Compact & mobile, it folds up and stows easily in vehicle trunk. 2 BATfan occupy the space of one conventional fan!

It is quicker to set up than conventional fans as there is no time wasted searching for a power socket and avoids further accident because of the cable!

BATfan is multi-functional equipment for PPV attack, defensive ventilation or combined ventilation in stairwell to relay air flow of a fan positioned at entrance door for example, etc.

More info:


FLIR K-Series Featuring the NFPA-Compliant K65

In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera is indispensable – a vital tool that helps you quickly visualize your plan of attack, locate hot spots, and save lives. Ideally, every engine and truck company should have at least one high-performance TIC on hand. Since FLIR K-Series arrived on the scene, now that’s more feasible.


Thermal imaging cameras for fire fighting applications
Affordable K-Series TICs offer new, easier ways to see more clearly in the darkest, smokiest environments by showing big, bright FLIR images to help you maneuver more strategically, stay better oriented, and find victims faster. With greater situational awareness, you’ll improve safety and the likelihood of successful outcomes.

FLIR K-Series Thermal Imaging Camera features include:

  • Clear and Crisp Thermal Images
  • FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement (K45, K55, K65 only)
  • NFPA-Compliant K65
  • NEW! Expanded Warranty
  • In-Camera Video Storage (K55 & K65 only)
  • Extremely Affordable: A Thermal Imaging Camera in Every Fire Truck
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • Easy-to-Use, Even with Gloves On
  • Produce Simple Reports

Discover our most affordable TIC: FLIR K2