The world’s first UL 2166 for direct (DLP) technology

The world’s first UL 2166 for direct (DLP) technology

Reacton Fire Suppression is proud to announce that it received the world’s first Fire Suppression innovation, with UL Listing to UL2166 for Direct (DLP) Technology Clean Agent systems.

This certification is the latest step in Reacton’s ongoing initiative of global product certification. They strive to develop globally approved products to the highest standards, demonstrating their commitment to superior innovation and quality.

Reacton has now had its portfolio of pre-engineered products officially tested and certified for the applications previously only accessible by other systems. This now offers a globally recognised and well-adopted fire test that can be applied to Direct Technology, giving you peace of mind that the product has gone through the most demanding of independent tests and passed.

Detection Tube systems from Reacton ensure the safety and reliability of your high-value assets and now offer an accessible and approved alternative technology for a range of applications including electrical panels & enclosures, server cabinets, CNC machines and fume cupboards.

Reacton Fire Suppression is a global manufacturer of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. For supply enquiries around the world, contact them via email at