Certified Automatic Fire Suppression

Certified Automatic Fire Suppression

The dry and humid conditions do not quell fires but feed them. Offices and warehouses can no longer rely on workers to quickly grab an extinguisher – automatic fire detection and suppression need to be in place.

But even with automatic fire suppression in place, how can businesses be sure they are covered in an actual emergency.

The answer to this question is appropriate testing and certification.


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Testing, carried out by a competent team, sees fire suppression systems carried out to their full effect, demonstrating the capability of installed automatic fire suppression and determining whether the system meets the demands of the building it is in.

Different establishments require different fire suppression installations, warehouses require more spread and a higher volume of water, whilst specialized offices may require water mist to delay fire as it travels through safety doors.

Companies such as Reacton Fire Suppression allow companies to purchase and have installed Automatic Fire Suppression which meets all of the accreditations necessary for an establishment to be secure.

There are a large number of companies that come to a business, measure all of their demands, and then have teams install sprinkler systems, fire detection and the modules that combine the two to effectively cover what you need to be covered. Not only does this mean your business reaches the legal demands for safety, but property as well as lives are protected and can work with peace of mind.

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