Update on Canada Wildfires

Update on Canada Wildfires

Since our previous article covering the Canadian wildfires, the situation has changed, however, fires continue to rage through the country.

Due to the magnitude and the seemingly unstoppable nature of the Canadian wildfires, first reported over a month ago, the situation has since garnered world attention.

Fires have crawled across Ontario, leaving hundreds of thousands evacuated from their homes and calling attention to some of the devastating impacts caused by recent changes in the climate. Skies are painted orange across the North of the United States, and wildfires continue to shift and move around. The current wildfire period has been confirmed to be the worst of all time in the history of Canada.

The extent of the damages and current wildfire situation can be found through the interactive map available on the official Canadian Wildland Fire Information site, found here.

Impact on the Middle East

The Middle East has a particularly stagnant and dry climate in the majority of countries, however, it too is being affected by Climate Change, with days becoming hotter and hotter, and droughts occurring across the continent.

Food Security and impacts on the climate must be measured on a global scale. Many of the Saudi Arabian Giga projects will alleviate the stress of climate change on the continent, with artificial forests and rain cycles being developed, and new innovations which see cities such as the Line removing the need for cars.

These projects can have the desired impact, of lowering climate change and pushing the Middle East into the forefront of a green future.