The Planet’s hottest week on record

The Planet’s hottest week on record

The beginning of July saw several countries around the world mark their hottest weeks on record to date.

The news comes during a slew of information about the dangers of climate change. The early stages of the EL Nino weather pattern drove the hottest June on record as well, undoubtedly showing the increasing temperature of the planet.

The data was recorded by the World Meteorological Organization or WMO, reported on a statement given by a spokesperson on Monday.

The statement follows fires across the Middle East, Wildfires in Canada and drought in Spain.

Unprecedented temperatures have also been recorded at Sea Surface level across the antarctic and northern regions.

“The world just had the hottest week on record according to preliminary data. [These temperatures will have] potentially devastating impacts on ecosystems and the environment,” said an Agency spokesperson.

Commenting on the importance of the findings, Christopher Hewitt, WMO director of Climate Services stated: “We are in uncharted territory, and we can expect more records to fall as El Nino develops further and these impacts will extend into 2024.”

“This is worrying news for the planet.”