The first modern fully automatic hose care unit

The first modern fully automatic hose care unit

Hose Master is the world’s first full automatic hose care unit. Washing, pressure testing, leak detection and marking, drying, and coiling is performed simultaneously and automatically.

According to the official press release, the patented test-pressurising technique acts in a limited pressure zone, which reduces water consumption and saves time. The unit’s high efficiency shortens operation time significantly and drastically reduces the need for large premises and peripheral equipment.

Hose Master revolutionises the handling of fire hoses after use. A whole series of key operational innovations reduce energy consumption, improve the working environment and enhance the occupational health and safety of firefighters.

Features and benefits of the automatic hose care unit include:


Source: Hose Master

Minimised water consumption
Low electricity consumption
Time saving
Low maintenance & repair cost
Patented test pressurisation technique
Separate service side simplifies handling and allows for flexible placement
RFID reader
Logic & Software facilitate reporting
Integrated operation manual
Test pressure up to 20 bar, or 30 bar.

Should the Hose Care automatic unit be effective in what it achieves to do, it could be rolled out widespread among firefighting facilities in the Middle East and beyond.