The AISCO Fire Extinguishing Blanket

The AISCO Fire Extinguishing Blanket

The AISCO Fire Extinguishing Blanket is perfect for a wide range of scenarios, taking away oxygen, absorbing heat and controlling the spread of the fire – but with an innovative optional filler nozzle module.

Fire scenarios can occur in any number of locales, the ideal scenario is to discover the source of the fire and snuff it out as quickly as possible, however, many fire scenarios do not allow for such. As a result, additional tools may prove necessary, furthermore, these fire scenarios may require special chemicals or techniques to properly control.

To this end, AISCO utilizes the Fire Extinguishing blanket. Like other blankets in many respects, covering an area to starve a fire of oxygen whilst absorbing heat,t the fire blanket also comes equipped with an optional filler nozzle, allowing for the transfusion of chemicals, or the extinguishing of gas fires.  This fire blanket is recommended by firefighters as the first response to a fire scenario, especially in an e-car fire.

Other details about this innovative fire-extinguishing blanket:

Dimensions: 6.x8 m
Fire Resistant up to 1300 c
4 Large Loops

AISCO are experts in fire extinguishing technologies, with all manner of extinguishers, dummies, blankets, PPE and more to help keep businesses, vehicles and more safe from fires and fire-related scenarios.

Find out more about the AISCO Fire extinguishing blanket, and the wide range of products available from AISCO, through their official website.