Teledyne launches GD1 gas detector


Teledyne launches GD1 gas detector

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection has launched its GD1 laser-based gas detector with full SIL2 3rd party approval.

This would make the GD1 SIL2 the market’s first open-path gas detector for hydrogen sulphide safety-related applications.

With the global importance of SIL (Safety Integrity Level) continuing to grow in; gas, oil, petrochemical and other process industries. Devices such as laser-based gas detection are suitable to be implemented appropriately in these industry sectors.

Laser gas detection is a point-and-click approach to scanning an environment and finding toxins in the air. A device will point a laser beam toward areas such as gas piping, the ground, joins in electronics, etc. The device will receive the reflected beam and measure the absorptivity of the beam in the process. This allows for methane, hydrogen sulfide and other toxins in the air to be easily identified, with further details being displayed on the screen of the laser-based gas detector.

Teledyne’s GD1 feature a unique customised tunable laser diode that eliminates environmental effects from sun, rain or fog. It can operate with up to 98% obscuration, boosting overall site safety, and can penetrate harsh environments that competitor solutions may find challenging.

With its new certification, the GD1 is now suitable for use in systems with SIL2 requirements. The step from SIL1 to SIL2 requires built-in automatic self-testing of hardware components, meaning reduced maintenance intervals for sensors, and reduced device downtime. GD1 complies with the latest standard for IEC 60079-0:2017.

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