Teledyne GMI adds gas detection capabilities to help firefighters

Teledyne GMI adds gas detection capabilities to help firefighters

Teledyne GFD, which specialises in gas measurement instruments, has launched a new product designed to help firefighters and those in fire safety.

The company, which headquarters in France, has an expansive portfolio of products designed for gas and fire detection and to improve safety.

Teledyne GMI said: “We are pleased to introduce the Gas Laser with highly advanced laser technology designed to detect natural gas with the aim of enhancing safety and improving detection for fire services, and first responders.

“Frequently fire personnel and first responders are called to natural gas emergencies using equipment that puts them close to potentially dangerous structures.

“The Gas Laser supports remote detection allowing the operator to work at a safer distance from the hazard location. When access to a property cannot be established, the Gas Laser can operate through glass, giving the user an audible and visual indication to the presence of methane. This quick scan permits fire personnel and first responders to make rapid decisions and establish control of the gas and ignition sources should a gas escape be detected.”

The Teledyne GMI can scan common venting points from a safe detections, allowing for gas detection without the need to be close and risk inhalation. The detection distance can span 30 metres (100ft).

The highly visible, sunshine resistant guide laser is equipped for location accuracy and comes with a colour camera, Bluetooth, WIFI and data-logging features. It’s also certified Intrinsically Safe to Class I, Division 2, Group D, T4