Smart Fire Detection Systems – the YOLO-v8

Smart Fire Detection Systems – the YOLO-v8

Smart Cities will involve the implementation of new technologies from all sectors and backgrounds – however, where technology and people mix, there will always be risks.

As conventional fire detection and suppression struggle to keep risk up, smart fire detection is coming to the forefront of the new wave of technology. One such example is a Smart Fire Detection System (SFDS) named the YOLO-v8.


Source: Pexels

The YOLO-v8 is a form of deep learning algorithm that carries out countless calculations to understand fire-specific phenomena captured on video. As a result, any fire detection system using the YOLO-v8 is significantly more accurate than its counterparts, and effectively reduces false alarms.

The vision for the SFDS, is a holistic safety net which integrates fog and cloud computing into the IoT layer. This enables quicker response time and state-of-the-art performance, with a precision rate of 97.1%

As fire events happen, are detected and then fire is suppressed, all of this data is (in real-time) uploaded to the cloud and fed into the algorithm, to create a learning, silent firefighter who is always at your side.

One of the goals of Smart Cities is to implement silent protectors across several fields, with algorithms such as the YOLO-v8 and the SFDS, this is more than possible.