Science. Survey. Safety. Blazemaster.

Science. Survey. Safety. Blazemaster.

As Tourism grows in the Middle East, the region is faced with new, unique challenges. Companies within the region, such as Blazemaster, have stepped up, utilising innovations to enable new protection solutions.

Scientific Innovation

Blazemasters commitment to innovation began with the invention of CPVC back in 1938 by Waldo Semon of BFGoodrich. Initially, CPVC was a single, one-size-fits product, however, scientists working for Lubrizol Advance Materials – the modern evolution of BFGoodrich, found that the compounds could be tailored to specific applications, such as providing strength to support high water pressures – perfect for sprinkler systems.

Surveying Chemical Compatibility

Blazemaster seeks to eliminate worry, and operate without any chemical compatibility concerns, to do this, the company utilises their FBC System Compatible program that ensures CPV will perform with ancillary products, such as fire-stop products. Due to the diligence undertaken by Blazemaster, projects which utilise their products do not require any guesswork when regarding chemical compatibility concerns. As a result, everyone involved can trust the integrity of the project.


In a world where new products are being put on the marketplace almost hourly, Blazemaster takes pride in taking their time to test what they are releasing into the marketplace. Top-level experts in chemistry and engineering come together to solve the complex mysteries in the rare cases when problems with CPVC occur. The team uses state-of-the-art equipment to achieve this goal, such as microscopes that can magnify to 200x and render 3D images, allowing the experts to analyze thoroughly and develop answers for the fire and safety community.