Rosenbauer unveils a new lightweight forest fire protection suit

Rosenbauer unveils a new lightweight forest fire protection suit

Protective Personal Equipment company Rosenbauer has introduced the GAROS G10, their lightest protective suit yet, perfect for combatting fire in uneven terrain.

The suit is tailor-made for forest fire operations and technical assistance operations, weighing less than 2kg to offer maximised mobility and excellent comfort.

Features include specialized pockets for radios, gloves and holding pockets for lamps and manual microphones.

A number of zippers and the lightweight breathable material ensures the maximum amount of safety in any given scenario. All parts of the suit can be tightened or loosened, via the use of Velcro.

The PPE GAROS G10 operates to forest fire standards EN ISO 15384and EN ISO 11612, which lays out the requirements for protection against temporary high temperatures, usually caused by sparks, falling burning branches, and heated objects that need to be carried around or moved past.

The highly reflective material and unique design are made to stand out during the high smoke and open winds that take place during a forest fire.

The GAROS G10 will be available on the market as of July 2024, available in two versions. The initial lightweight version was designed specifically for forest fires, and the GAROS G10 TR Variant is a combined forest fire and rescue operation protective suit.