Robust wireless fire alarm systems gain ground in Middle East

Robust wireless fire alarm systems gain ground in Middle East

Sasi Kumar, Commercial Manager for the Middle East and Africa at Advanced explains how wireless fire alarm technology is experiencing real growth in the Middle East with customers recognising its benefits including its robust performance.

Wireless fire alarm technology is gaining ground in the Middle East region. This growth follows a similar trend in Europe where it is estimated the wireless fire alarm sector will increase by 10% from 2023 to 2032 as infrastructures are constructed to support growth, as well as ongoing Government investment. With wireless technology now tried and tested in Europe, the Middle East region is opting for wireless solutions too, especially following the development of the robust, reliable mesh technology. As a result, wireless fire alarm systems are now taking market share from wired variants.


This confidence in wireless fire alarm technology was recently witnessed in Dubai on 24th April 2023, with the Dubai Civil Defense announcing that wireless technology could be used for both residential and commercial projects. Other countries in the Middle East look set to follow Dubai’s example. As fire safety regulation tightens across the Middle East, wireless fire alarm systems are becoming an attractive solution to retrofit, since buildings do not have to undergo the disruption of running cables which comes with installing a wired system. Some wireless systems, such as Advanced’s Axis EN, also have the advantage of being able to integrate with existing fire alarm systems when an upgrade is required, offering a hybrid system. Hybrid systems currently account for the largest system type in the wireless fire alarm sector owing to the availability and cost-viability of this technology.


Harnessing the power of proven technology, Advanced wireless systems are scalable, adaptable and reliable offering complete fire safety and peace of mind. With Advanced’s versatile Axis EN wireless range, it’s easy to install robust fire alarm systems whilst saving crucial time and disruption. Offering a wireless fire safety system customers can trust, Advanced’s Axis EN wireless devices are powerful, reliable and fast to install and configure. Rigorously tested and approved to EN 54 Parts 2 and 4, Axis EN wireless fire systems carry the prestigious FM-approved mark. Axis EN devices operate seamlessly with Advanced’s Axis EN range of high-performance addressable panels and can be used as part of completely wireless or hybrid systems. So, whether a customer is extending wired systems on sites where downtime’s not an option, protecting sensitive sites where re-wiring would be too disruptive or simply requiring a fast-fit temporary install, Advanced can offer a solution.


Wireless fire alarms are also increasing in popularity following the development of reliable mesh technology. With the Axis EN fire system from Advanced, its mesh expander technology delivers unprecedented system reliability and performance. If any expander in the chain fails, the transmission path finds an alternative route, ensuring communication continuity, and creating an ultra-resilient wireless infrastructure. Every Axis EN wireless translator supports up to 15 network expander modules, and the best possible redundant communication paths are identified and tested from the beginning, during system commissioning. This provides the most reliable and robust communication pathway possible, reassuring customers that their network can be trusted.


Other features that add to the reliability of Axis EN’s wireless technology include a dual battery, which boasts a 10-year battery life, and built-in redundancy and battery redundancy. Advanced’s dualchannel redundant technology is applied to every Axis EN wireless device, translator and expander, ensuring superior system reliability. If one channel is blocked, the other automatically takes over so that every message is correctly delivered when and where required. The Axis EN’s wireless translators and expanders are all backup-powered, further enforcing the system’s reliability.

Advanced’s team of technical experts are also there to help, whether customers are planning, installing or servicing an Advanced wireless system. Advanced offers free training and support throughout the lifetime of an Advanced product.

Axis EN is designed to go anywhere customers need high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use fire detection and control, from residential and commercial buildings, mass transportation and industrial complexes to landmark developments, historic buildings and public services. Boasting intuitive programming, powerful networking, comprehensive cause and effect and unique diagnostic features the Axis EN puts customers in complete control of building fire protection.

All in all, the Axis EN redefines what is possible with wireless technology today and is the ideal solution for the Middle East region. With robust tried and tested reliable technology it offers a simple answer to complying with fire safety regulations and protecting building inhabitants.

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