Remote Fire Monitoring Solutions


Remote Fire Monitoring Solutions

Modern problems require modern solutions. As supply chains continue to grow and innovate, they begin to involve warehouses, depots, storage lots and more, which all require tailored monitoring solutions for the engineering teams on site.

More and more businesses are relying on these supply chains – combined with extensive campuses and offices of their own, however, no business wants to rely on scattered, various solutions stitched together to cover all bases. To counter this, a number of fire and safety businesses introduce monitoring platforms – unified security, safety and fire interfaces that keep track of events and streamline processes for engineers.

One of these platforms is AdvancedLive, from the fire and safety company Advanced.

The program monitors events as they occur through a unified, clear-to-understand dashboard, whilst giving instant incident alerts to first responders as soon as an event occurs.

Engineers have access to multiple views, before travelling to a site, to understand jobs that need to take place, faults within a system, or simply the layout of existing engineering installations.

The platform takes both security and compliance into account. With a number of protections in place to revoke user access to specific commands on the go, and a long list of information on systems being accessed, and which have been accessed to cover those security and compliance demands.

AdvancedLive is currently available in the UK and Ireland, however, Advanced continue to scale up the project.