Preparing for a new digital normal: FFE launches the FFE Academy

Preparing for a new digital normal: FFE launches the FFE Academy

FFE Ltd, leader of the Optical Beam Smoke detector market, continues its investments in its employees and customers through the launch of the FFE Academy. This new educational platform will give the company’s global employees and distributors access to a range of collateral and online courses, enhancing their product knowledge at their own convenience.

The purpose of the Academy is to bring all employees and customers up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge and trends, while offering them product expertise, sector-specific skills, and hands-on learning.

“Employees and customers are at the core of FFE’s strategy and our focus is to best address their evolving needs. Through FFE Academy, we equip our employees and customers with the skills required to further exploit the transformative power of our products,” said Oliver Burstall, FFE Ltd MD.

“It is important to always push the boundaries and adapt our ways of working to remain customer centric in our industry. We are extremely proud to launch this new platform as an exciting first step in FFE’s evolution to this digital age”. said Lysette Geraghty, FFE Ltd Marketing Director.

The FFE Academy provides each of our employees and customers with their own unique profile. This can be used to have access to the most appropriate training and support material for their individual needs. In addition, the timing and location of the training can also be considerably flexed to suit customer requirements.

Coming soon will be curated content, and comprehensive training courses which will provide detailed information, allowing our customers to fully understand general operating procedures of our beam smoke detectors and flame detectors. Eventually we hope to resume on-site training to supplement this digital platform.

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