Potter Global Technologies’ shared mission: life safety

Potter Global Technologies’ shared mission: life safety

“Strong demand for Potter Global Technologies’ life safety products has accelerated our expansion plans in the Middle East,” said Gerry Connolly, CEO of Potter Global Technologies adding: “Potter is committed to providing improved support to our area partners with localised product inventories and professional in-region representation.”

We are the ideal partner with a commitment to innovation, unwavering support, and access to top-industry solutions.

Meet the Group

Potter Fire Safety

Whether embarking on a small-scale project or overseeing a vast campus, Potter fire alarm solutions are tailored to suit your unique needs. By prioritising combined cutting-edge technology with dependability and user-friendliness we provide customers a unique experience.

Potter fire alarm systems are adaptable for any project size and merge modern technology with reliability and simplicity. Our systems, focusing on clear emergency communication, are user-friendly and meet today’s needs.

Products include:
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
Integrated Voice Systems
Networking and Integration
Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
Power Supplies
Notification Appliances
Security Contacts/Switches


TowerIQ is dedicated to providing reliable in-building communication systems for first responders, ensuring seamless emergency connectivity. Our services, from design to deployment, focus on your goals and local code compliance and enhance life-saving communications with expert support at every step.

Products include:
Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems
Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems

Potter Sprinkler Monitoring

With over 125 years of expertise, Potter provides expert support and quality device solutions for your fire sprinkler system, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness.

Committed to life safety and system performance, Potter is dedicated to being your reliable long-term partner for optimal fire sprinkler system monitoring. We care about protecting your property, its occupants, and the continuity of your business.

Our products are designed and carefully manufactured to be robust, durable life-saving devices. Our passion for life safety drives product innovation and high-touch, long-term relationships. Our goal is to be your trusted partner, responding when you need us to keep your fire sprinkler system operating optimally for years to come.

Products include:
Flow, Pressure, & Supervisory Switches
Nitrogen/Corrosion Solutions
Special Hazard/Releasing Systems
Explosion Proof Devices
Industrial Controls

Safe Signal

Safe Signal is committed to engineering top-quality monitoring devices for fire sprinkler systems, combining precision, rigorous quality control, and a focus on protection. We are committed to serving communities and individuals, continuously engaging with partners and value feedback to exceed expectations in fire safety.

Products include:
Flow Switches
Pressure Switches
Supervisory Switches
Explosion Proof Devices


Valcom specialises in technology-driven communication solutions for everyday and emergency needs, offering a range of systems from paging to emergency notifications.

Our expertise spans multiple sectors, ensuring effective, tailored solutions for informed, connected, and safe communities.

The depth of Valcom’s expertise in educational, commercial/industrial, corporate, healthcare, and transportation markets ensures everyone is informed, connected, and safe.

Products include:
Paging/Public Address Systems
Intercom Systems
Clocks/Time Management
Emergency Communication Systems
K12 Intercom-Bell-Clock Systems
Audio Visual Notification
Sound Masking
Earthquake Early Warning
IP Endpoints
Airport Crash Intercom Systems


Elmdene prioritises safety with reliable, customised security and fire safety power solutions backed by years of experience and rigorous testing.

We are committed to understanding your needs. We offer specialised, tailored backup power solutions with exceptional support, ensuring trust and performance in critical safety environments.

Products include:
Fire System Power Supplies
Access Control System Power Supplies
Intruder System Power Supplies
Approved Power Supplies for Specialist Applications
General Purpose 12V/24V Power Supplies
Ancillary Products & Accessories
Lithium Power Supplies
Universal Enclosures

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