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On the Market

Early Warning Fire Protection from Conveyors

Patol’s range of transit sensors continues to prove a popular option for detecting fires in a wide range of conveyor applications. Many goods carried on conveyor systems are highly combustible with the power to ignite. If they do ignite and the conveyor has no fire protection measures in place, then the fire can quickly spread to holding hoppers, blending, crushing or other processing areas of the plant to become a potentially major incident. The 5000 series features the infra-red transit heat sensor and the high-temperature transit flame sensor. The heat sensor offers an early warning system designed to trigger an alarm if the material being monitored exceeds a temperature of 100°c, (with the option to adjust the sensitivities to be set above this threshold).

Importantly, the sensor triggers at temperatures below the point of flaming, including both embers and buried hot spots, thereby providing the potential for intervention before flaming occurs.

The sensors can operate on conveyors running at speeds of 0.5 to 6 metres per second, analysing materials as they pass through its field of view. It would also be sensible to include linear heat detection cable for static heat or fire conditions. The flame sensors trigger an alarm at a much higher temperature of 240°c, Although as with the heat sensor, sensitivities can be set above this threshold depending on the nature of the application. The same conveyor speed of 0.5 to 6 metres can be accommodated, with the sensor triggering if a material reaches an ember or flame condition. Enhanced false alarm immunity is ensured through the sensor being ‘solar blind’ meaning the ‘background’ and ‘transient’ infra-red spectra are discriminated. Several models are available in the 5000 series including specialist sensors with atex certification for hazardous or dusty environments, which is also useful for mechanical protection in non-hazardous areas, plus glass-free, stainless-steel sensors designed specifically for food processing applications.

Testing for Watertight Integrity

The portascanner® watertight plus from contract ultrasonics offers cutting-edge ultrasonic testing equipment that is fully ABS type-approved and complies with iacs and solas ii-1 regulatory requirements. It utilizes ultrasonic technology to provide highly accurate and efficient inspections ensuring watertight integrity suitable for testing hatch covers, watertight doors and mcts, making it a comprehensive solution for multiple applications. The portascanner® watertight plus eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive training courses. With free training provided, any operator can use the ultrasonic hatch cover tester with minimal instruction. Its handheld design enables easy deployment by the crew on-site, ensuring regular inspections and timely maintenance of the vessel’s hatch covers. The portascanner® watertight plus offers unparalleled accuracy, detecting holes as small as 0.06 mm during ultrasonic tests. In the quest for watertight integrity in marine structures, conventional methods such as the hose test and chalk test are being surpassed by this advanced ultrasound technology which ensures watertight integrity and enhances the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

Command App Redesigned

The RDS connected command app for operations management from Rosenbauer has been redesigned and equipped with additional features: the newly developed skills management provides a quick overview of the qualifications of the available emergency crews and an improved chat function or schedule and event management simplify communication and coordination. The interface is visually designed in such a way that it is immediately recognisable to the user whether it is an operation or general information. As soon as the alarm is triggered, the colour code changes from blue/green to red (operations mode) and all important operational details are displayed. Status updates and live tracking are carried out automatically. In addition, the app helps with the documentation and logging of the operation. The intuitive chat function simplifies communication and enables a permanent exchange of information either in individual or group chats. Map and Contact information of colleagues or information on the infrastructure such as building plans in the entire operational area are stored directly in the app and can be accessed at any time. The basic version of the app is available free of charge. The premium version (fee-based) offers further functionalities, such as push notifications for assignments, extended skills management, an access and rights system, or document and image management.

New Speakers for Voice Alarms

Lda audio tech’s new vtx series of directive columns and the ch-62tn 30 w ceiling loudspeaker have now successfully completed the en 54-24 certification process. The new VTX series directive columns are three high-performance 15, 60, and 90 w speakers. Featuring a minimalist design with clean, straight lines, the vtx-15tn, vtx-60tn, and vtx-90tn models can be integrated into all types of architectural spaces. The three columns are made of resistant aluminium, fire-protected and have an ip54 protection rating (type b according to en 54-24). They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Their high directivity, achieved by acoustic engineering applied to the loudspeaker layout, allows the sound beam to be directed toward the audience area. The 30 w 2-way ch-62tn ceiling loudspeaker offers a wide frequency range, low distortion and high sound pressure level. This model features a fire dome, ceramic terminal, and isolation fuse to maintain the integrity of the system in case of an evacuation.

Evacuation Alert System

The fireclass fc-eas evacuation alert system from Johnson Controls has been designed to provide fire and rescue service personnel with a simple and intuitive way to initiate an evacuation alert signal within high-rise structures. The fc-eas uses an easy-to-operate, zoned communication system. Individual toggle switches allow the operator to systematically activate and cancel the sounders to each floor. The indicators also let operators know the sounders on each floor are working properly. As evacuation is initiated, LED identifiers located on the exterior of the panel indicate the status and availability of power within each zone. It features a two- to four-loop power system that can support up to 16 building zones and the entire system can be extended by networking with the fc-eas-bb evacuation alert system black box panel or additional fc-eas evacuation alert system panels. The evacuation alert system operates independently from the fire detection system. This allows it to be installed Alongside new or existing fire detection systems within new construction and retrofit buildings. A highly durable exterior casing helps prevent tampering and keeps the system protected and ready for when it is needed most.