Oil drilling to continue in Egyptian Badr Oil Field

Oil drilling to continue in Egyptian Badr Oil Field

TAG Oil Ltd, a leading Canadian-based oil and gas exploration company, has shared a promising update on its drilling in the Egyptian Badr Oil Field.

The company reported that they have successfully completed the horizontal build section of the T100 well, extending approximately 300 metres into the planned 1,000-meter lateral section. This phase yields promising results, with significant oil shows, high hydrocarbon gas readings and indications of robust primary porosity in the ARF target reservoir.


Source: Pexels

Several minor issues halted the advancement of the build, such as a minor throw fracture feature, and issues with directional drilling within the desert. The faulted section was eventually avoided throw tactical drilling within the 50-meter ARF pay zone.

In addition to this progress, other builds within the Badr Oil Field are advancing steadily, such as the BED 1-7 wells and the planned ART reservoir.

Promoting the recent successes, TAG Oil stated “[Our] presence in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, particularly in the Western Desert of Egypt, is a testament to its commitment to exploring and developing unconventional oil resources.

The ARF formation in the Badr oil field (BED-1) is estimated by RPS Energy to contain over 500 million barrels of oil in place. With a high probability for successful commercial development.”