New kennels keep working dogs safe and comfortable

New kennels keep working dogs safe and comfortable

G3 Systems Ltd has designed new specially constructed deployable dog kennels to help improve the living conditions of service dogs, including trained dogs working within fire and rescue services.

Fire and rescue services may use highly trained dogs for complete urban search and rescue roles, and these new secure accommodation units will ensure that dogs are safe and comfortable when deployed to incidents outside of their normal area of operations.

The units include integral cooling and heating systems to help control the temperature of the animal’s sleeping area. Although the animals may be used to working under strenuous conditions the addition of air con means kennels can be thermostatically controlled to ensure a steady temperature.

“Returning to such kennels, often after demanding and protracted tasks, helps maintain the dog’s condition,” said Paul Holt, Director, Business Development for G3 Systems Limited.

Each kennel is fully deployable and can house up to four service animals. They’re based upon DROPS compatible 20ft ISO containers and can easily be shipped to new operational locations and set up quickly. No tools are required for the set up, so dog handlers can quickly focus on the job they’re doing.

Each kennel includes internal sleeping areas, external kennel areas feeding preparation and storage areas with integral water and electrical distribution. They are fully collapsible too which makes it easy for fire and rescue teams to transport them where they’re needed, while ensuring their canine colleagues have a safe space too.