New environmentally-friendly firefighting foam

New environmentally-friendly firefighting foam

The firefighting industry continues to move away from AFFF and AR-AFFF foams which contact PFAS, however the challenge has been to find an efficient fluorine-free foam that matches the performance of fluorinated products.

Now BIO EX has launched ECOPOL A+ fluorine-free foam, a high performance FFF dedicated to aircraft fire extinguishment. The company has used it long experience in environmentally-friendly foams and aircraft fire safety to develop the new foam.

ECOPOL A+ forms a stable and thick foam blanket which seals vapours and cuts off oxygen supply and flows rapidly from above burning fuel. It adheres to vertical surfaces to cool aircraft parts which provides long thermal insulation and allows for passenger evacuation.

It meets International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) certification and European Standard EN1568 Part 3 v2018 certification. ECOPOL A+ offers high performance for fire safety but is balanced with the eco concerns surrounding conventional foams. Not only is it fluorine-free, but it is also silicone-free and fully biodegradable.

The product can be used in low or medium expansion depending on the fire scenario. Contained with the ARFF vehicle, the foam concentrate can be applied on direct application by the airport fire truck monitor. Fires can also be put out with fixed or mobile foam proportioning and foam discharge devices.

The aviation foam concentrate is compatible with all fire trucks and fire suppression systems. It is suitable to usual foam equipment materials.