New EcoFriendly Firefighting Foam Ecopol 3N

New EcoFriendly Firefighting Foam Ecopol 3N

In the fire safety industry, the transition to FFF (Fluorine-Free Foam) is now on the way globally.

Industries and fire departments that operate and use hydrocarbon fire risks (tank farms, refineries, storage facilities, plastic industries…) who decided to replace AFFF foam with Fluorine-Free Foam are sometimes facing issues regarding foam viscosity and how compatible the chemical is with their new equipment.

Most of 3% AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) are liquid, and most of FFF (Fluorine-Free Foam) are viscous. It can result in foam proportioning and discharge device issues, leading ahead to wrong concentration problems and inefficiency on fire.

Thanks to its long experience in efficient fluorine-free foam development, BIOEX launch ECOPOL 3N: a new environmentally-friendly firefighting foam dedicated for class B hydrocarbon fires (crude oil, gasoline, kerosene…) with similar viscosity to AFFF foams.

ECOPOL 3N is an ecological solution to quickly suppress hydrocarbon fires (class B), as well as class A fires. When mixed with water and air, ECOPOL 3N foam concentrate creates a resistant foam blanket which insulates the fuel from the air supply and cools long lastly the fuel.

It does not contain any fluorinated derivatives (PFAS chemicals including PFOS or PFOA) or PBTs (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic substances) added intentionally. ECOPOL 3N is easily biodegradable, without impact on the environment.

Industrial companies and fire departments can utilize the product in both tank fire and structural fires. Find out more about the ECOPOL 3N, and the company that produces it, BIOEX.