Magirus presents the Wolf C1 for mission support and logistics

Magirus presents the Wolf C1 for mission support and logistics

Magirus, a global automotive leader active in the Commercial and Specialty Vehicles, has launched the Wolf C1 to aid emergency services in their missions.

Having already handed over the first Wolf R1 to a customer this year, the story of Magirus’ remoteoperated tactical units continues with the launch of the Wolf C1 at the Florian trade fair in Dresden. 

The Magirus Wolf C1 is part of Magirus’ innovative and modern Next Generation Firefighting product portfolio. The interplay of networking, robotics and the continuous development of practical innovations is also reflected in this product.

The Wolf C1, as a flexible, supportive transport and logistics robot with its universal swap body system, meets the motto of finding the right solution for every context in every respect. Particularly with the current effects of the climate disaster with extreme forest and wildfires, it is crucial that it has extremely high offroad capability as a powerful tracked vehicle, just like the Wolf R1.

Every minute counts in emergency rescue missions and long distances in rough terrain can make transporting heavy loads and equipment a real challenge. The innovative Wolf C1 tactical logistics platform from Magirus will support fire departments and disaster control in this situation.

The reliable swap body system on the new Wolf C1 comes with airline rails and is fully compatible with common equipment or can be individually equipped and remains maneuverable and safe to use in difficult situations. Depending on the requirements, the emergency command can transport or directly mount various elements such as fans, hoses, water monitors or light masts with the Wolf C1. The Wolf C1 can also be used for direct human rescue, because it can transport injured people safely and gently with its springmounted chassis and the structure of a slider basket stretcher.