London Police new vetting plan after international scrutiny

London Police new vetting plan after international scrutiny

The London police force has recently announced plans to implement a vetting process that takes ethical considerations into account while evaluating participation in international training events.

This decision comes in response to the controversy surrounding their involvement in a tactical competition held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As per a recent report, officers from London took part in the 2024 SWAT Challenge in Dubai alongside police forces from over 70 countries, which drew criticism from several quarters.

The move follows scrutiny directed at Chief Thai Truong for approving funds to send members of the emergency response unit (ERU) to the competition, which included teams from countries accused of human rights violations.

The report, set to be presented to the police services board, emphasizes the need for a comprehensive review process and the establishment of guidelines reflecting the force’s commitment to ethical and responsible policing.

The decision to participate in the UAE SWAT Challenge drew condemnation from some security experts who argued that the London police’s involvement alongside teams from countries with contentious human rights records tarnished Canada’s image.

Members of the police board will have the opportunity to engage with Chief Truong regarding the report and the proposed vetting process. This marks a step towards ensuring that international engagements align with ethical standards and operational needs within the London police force.