Kuwait Fire Force warns civilians about improper gas use

Kuwait Fire Force warns civilians about improper gas use

The Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) urged residents to be mindful when using kerosene, gas or coal for heating purposes.

The KFF explained that using such measures to warm camps, farms and homes could unintentionally release carbon monoxide, which can lead to poisoning, suffocation or death.

General Mohammad Al-Gharib, the Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, at KFF, said: “Every year we deal with cases of injuries or deaths caused by the use of charcoal, wood, or gas as a result of not following the safety guidelines especially after igniting and placing them in closed places, these type of accidents are more likely to happen during sleep.”

Al-Gharib called for further education regarding the dangers of not following safety precautions when using gas, kerosene or coal in enclosed spaces.

For those who work in camps, farms and parks, the General offered alternatives instead, suggesting the use of other approved heating devices.

Among his advice was the importance of ensuring proper ventilation and fire extinguishers when lighting coal, and checking that extensions and connections are checked to ensure no leaks.

The gas source must also be closed off using the main switch and disconnecting it from the cylinder before going to sleep to adhere to proper safety measures.