Kask’s Quantum fire helmets

Kask’s Quantum fire helmets

Following the historical evolution of fire-fighting helmets, Kask has unveiled their iteration of the next design – the Quantum firefighting helmet.

Designed around European standards for use worldwide, there are three specifications this has been designed to – Wildland Fighting, in response to wildfires in Canada in the summer of 2023, Technical rescue, and Mountaineering.

According to the official product description: “[The team designed around] 3 core KASK attributes: safety, comfort and design. This challenged the team to address the unique risk factors encountered in emergency response applications including impact absorption, durability and compromised environments, whilst addressing helmet stability, comfort and usability.”

To meet these demands, the Quantum helmet uses an innovative, fire and chemical-resistant PC-PBT alloy exterior shell, alongside a high-density EPS inner lining with a thermoformed cover.

The adaptive fit system is designed to operate with gloved hands and is relatively lightweight to meet the demands of fire scenarios in uneven terrain. It is designed with integrated slots for easy mounting of KASK eye, face, hearing and weather protection and with a front attachment point for advanced customization and easy integration of accessories such as badge holders and headlamps.

Perfect for the variety of environments firefighters meet when traversing a variety of terrains in the Middle East, including combatting sandstorms.

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