Jactone announces launch of new PAFSS fire suppression system model

Jactone announces launch of new PAFSS fire suppression system model

Fire safety manufacturer Jactone has announced the launch of its latest PAFSS automatic fire suppression system.

The latest model joins an extensive portfolio from the family ran business who specialise in fire, safety and signage products. The latest model can be used for large enclosures to safeguard them against fire using the PAFSS indirect pre-engineered fixed fire suppression system that uses the clean agent extinguishant 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid.

The existing PAFSS automatic fire suppression systems including the new PAFSS indirect low pressure (ILP) systems are self-activating and require no external power for detection or operation. The fire suppression systems can protect large enclosures above 2 mand up to 12 min volume. For this reason, they are the ideal system for safeguarding unsupervised items such as electrical cabinets and CNC machines. Fires in spaces like these can be difficult to identify, often until it is too late to take action, especially in well-sealed enclosures where there would be limited escape of combustion products or heat.

The PAFSS ILP systems protect inside the enclosure and discharge at the heart of the fire, suppressing flames quickly and preventing the fire from spreading to neighbouring enclosures, equipment and wider spaces. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to people as well as losses caused by equipment downtime and operational disruption, while also safeguarding a business as a whole.

The benefits and features of the PAFSS ILP fire suppression systems are vast, but one of the major highlights is that these systems don’t require any power supply for operation. As such, they can be fully integrated for operation and monitoring with fire detection and alarm equipment and are ‘on guard’ on a 24-7, 365 basis.