Intersec: Saudi Arabia – What to look forward to

Intersec: Saudi Arabia – What to look forward to

Your first time heading to Intersec Saudi Arabia? Here’s a breakdown of everything to expect from the Middle East’s leading trade show.

The 5th edition of Intersec Saudi Arabia will take place from 3 – 5 October 2023 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC) and host over 200 exhibitors, with the presence of key government leaders, agencies and organisational heads with outstanding world-class speakers, innovative products, technologies & solutions across all key sectors.

The 200 exhibitors will include regional powerhouses such as Ajhua Technology, Hikvision, Cochrane, Al Rahji Telecom and more.

The expansive show floor will be set into a number of sections, with different halls for safety, fire, cybersecurity, security technology and more. Businesses have the opportunity to effectively network with other companies relevant to themselves, having in-depth conversations in the process.

A world of innovation is on display, through the showcasing of new products that take place at the event. By understanding what’s coming in the marketplace, both in terms of business manoeuvres and these product showcases, you can create an informed strategy to continue scaling and effectively positioning your business.

The Security and fire marketplaces are traditionally turbulent, with innovations being realised almost daily, through trade shows such as Intersec Saudi Arabia, you can get ahead of that marketplace, incorporate your strategy with regional leaders and learn the methods that allow you to be a decision-maker, not a follower.

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