Innovations in Fire Hoses

Innovations in Fire Hoses

Ash spits across the skies, fire rains down from above and smoke blocks all view of the scene, with heat pressing down from all sides, the tool that’ll solve all these problems – is the fire hose.

Among the most important tools a firefighter has, length, blends and more are being constantly innovated on to ensure that a fire hose can not only withstand the increasingly dangerous situations the tool is used in, but also put out the fire that cause it.

Hoses often need to be able to extend over several kilometres of layered rocks and terrain – during this process, the hose cannot be bent. Another major hurdle for producers is that impurities in the rubber blend and the current steam-driven vulcanisation process often cause defects on the surface of the hose. The industry rejection rate stands at around 30 %, which adds significantly to costs.

Manufacturers from several countries have come together to create FOIRCEV, a project designed to innovate on fire technology such as hoses, analysing the different raw materials that go into the creation of this technology.

These innovations, such as continuous vulcanisation of the hose to allow for longer hoses and increased uniformity of the rubber, are the types of innovations that upgrade hose material and technology.

Check out FOIRCEV and the innovations they promise to bring to the fire & safety marketplace through the company’s official site.