Illuminating the safest city in the world

Illuminating the safest city in the world

With an expanding presence across the uae, ife regional president for gcc uae branch, terry johnson, highlights the UAE mission to assist dubai civil defence (dcd) in making dubai the safest city in the world.

Dubai isn’t just known for its awe-inspiring architecture, innovative infrastructure, and thriving economy, enhanced levels of safety for both tourists and the local community have always been evident. In recent years, the emirate has been proactive in its pursuit of advancing fire safety practices to safeguard its residents, visitors, and iconic structures. With a growing skyline and an increasing population, Dubai’s commitment to staying at the forefront of fire safety is commendable.

Harnessing stricter building codes

Uae authorities have made significant efforts to continually improve and strengthen building codes and regulations, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of fire safety. Following the recent announcement, the Sharjah administration plans to make preparations to remove hazardous cladding and materials that pose a fire risk from 203 high-rise residential and commercial structures. This global first will involve residential and business towers with more than seven stories. Dubai government has committed $27 million to pay for the first phase of remediation work, which will cover 40 of the highest-risk buildings, with a height ranging from eight to fifty floors.1 The Dubai civil defence (dcd) continues to implement rigorous guidelines and standards, focusing on fire-resistant building materials, advanced fire suppression systems, and the efficient evacuation of occupants during emergencies.

Highlighted at an iftar banquet held during Ramadan with strategic partners of authority, Brigadier General Ali Hassan al Mutawa, assistant director-general for fire and rescue affairs was quoted that Dubai civil defence aspires, through the implementation and the application of the new requirements, to enhance and raise the level of safety in the emirate of Dubai, in addition to continuing to provide competitive prices to manufacturers and project owners in order to ensure the provision of the best international quality services in the field of building and construction.

Strict Inspection and Certification Processes

Dubai places great emphasis on regular inspections and certifications to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. The DCD conducts thorough inspections of buildings, scrutinizing fire protection systems, emergency exits, and adherence to safety protocols. Additionally, professional certifications and training programs are mandatory for individuals working in fire safety-related fields, including firefighting, and building management. These measures promote a culture of accountability and expertise in fire safety practices throughout Dubai.

A growing presence

The IFE GCC UAE branch was formally inaugurated on 28 November 2016, and the presence of the institution within the uae has grown extensively this year, following our continued efforts to develop formal recognition across the region. In May, our CEO, Steve Hamm, took part in the signing of a memorandum of understanding (mou), in partnership with the assistant director general for fire and rescue affairs at Dubai civil defence (dcd), at the ifsj leaders in fire & safety conference in dubai. We are pleased to formalise our working relationship with DCD, The UAE has progressed fire safety practices significantly over the last few years. With a stellar focus on preventing fires through stringent building codes and safety inspections, the institution is working to recognise the high standards of fire safety skills within Dubai and more widely, the UAE. The ife is dedicated to working alongside other sectors to evolve fire safety knowledge.