How gaps in double doors lead to life-threatening risk

How gaps in double doors lead to life-threatening risk

As the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative continues to ramp up, more scrutiny is being placed on the hospitality industry, whilst the economy of Saudi Arabia shifts to being primarily tourism.

However, recently, hospitality industries around the world have been accused of lacking in particular fire and safety standards – especially regarding the installation and maintenance of double doors.

Safety & Fire Compliance Company Fireco broke down important points regarding the standards that a double door needs to meet to be effective and meet standard safety protocol.

A gap in a double door, lacking in appropriate installation and safety measures, WILL allow for the travel of harmful gasses and smoke.

In a fire scenario, smoke and harmful gasses can be slowed down by effective fire doors, something we have covered in a previous Fire Middle East article. however, doors that have a gap in the middle of them, such as many recently installed double doors across the Middle East, have enough space for the fire to continue gathering oxygen and burning on.

Alongside this, most double doors are to have seals, certifications and sealed glass that makes up the components of the door frame and door itself. With improper, or cheap materials being used, staff members, business go-ers and residents of the hotel alike are all being put at life-threatening risk.

One should also take note of the weight of the door, as this will prove particularly important when individuals are choosing to rush out of the premises, as it is inevitable in all fire scenarios.

Find out more about the risks and standards involved with the installation of double doors, through the most recent article on Fireco’s official website.