Green Fire Supression Technology

Green Fire Supression Technology

Building architecture continues to evolve, becoming more complex in the process, to meet this, new innovative fire systems need to be prepared for all kinds of environments.

Part of the evolution of these systems involves the implementation of new green initiatives. The fire protection agency continues to adapt and evolve existing fire systems to meet sustainability goals – such as those present in the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative.

These adaptations consist of utilizing environmentally friendly fir suppressants, such as carbon dioxide instead of traditional fire suppressants such as halon or FM-200. These systems are safer for the environment due to the chemical compounds utilized.

VR Training

A green initiative which is becoming more widespread among fire training courses around the world  – is virtual reality training, VR allows fire protection professionals to simulate fire emergency scenarios in a virtual environment, without any chemical expenditure and with fire personnel being completely safe in the process.

The future of fire suppression and protection is greener than ever, due to new training initiatives and the various green goals, such as those in the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative, that various fire and safety personnel are being urged to work around.