Fire Resistant Door Seals


Fire Resistant Door Seals

Some fires will start in places where there is simply no one around. Does your building have the infrastructure to slow down fire until an appropriate solution can be utilized?

To this end, Mann McGowan has effective fire-resistant door seals, which can stop a fire in its tracks, slowing its spread dramatically, and limiting oxygen which is being burned.

Mann McGowan’s pyrostrip inumescent strips are available in a wide range of options, to match the style and specifications of a number of doors. Either as extruded intumescent material in a PVC sheath or as raw material for fitting inside of a door. Both are perfect for 30 minutes, or one-hour long protection, with easy installation.

Independently tested on a range of single and double-leaf door sets. Our fire and smoke intumescent strips are compliant with BS 476: Part 31: 1987 regulations.

The large variety of seals, acoustic, threshold and otherwise, are all appropriately certified and capable of being used in a wide variety of scenarios.

Through appropriate sealing of doors and technologies, the spread of fire, and the damage it can potentially cause, are greatly limited. These seals are also cost-effective, easy to install and capable of buying critical time in any fire scenario.