Fire Escape Ladders and High Rise Buildings


Fire Escape Ladders and High Rise Buildings

In case of emergency: do not use lift – instead use fire escape ladders, but is there enough to go around?

The average highrise building in Dubai, houses at least a few hundred people, however, fire escapes and alarms are not regularly tested. In a fire emergency, these individuals may find themselves choosing to take the lifts, due to the expansive amount of stairs the individuals need to climb down.

There are various fire escape guidance and regulation guides to ensure that fire escapes are suitable for the amount of people that may have to use them. Fire escapes need to be strong, secure, and able to stand the test of time when they are not in use – however, they must also be able to fit and serve a large number of individuals whilst being located in a position that cannot trap fire, often on the side of a building.

With many fire escapes being made of metal or a metal alloy, the intense heat from a fire scenario can cause some fire escapes to harm and burn individuals when they are using them. This, combined with the hot dubai climate, and excertion from climbing so many stairs, can exacerbate existing health conditions – especially those focused on the lungs or cardio, in a manner that can cause some damage.

When was the last time you checked your fire escape?