Fire and Safety in Al Murabba

Fire and Safety in Al Murabba

What is Al Murabba?

Designed to redefine the Skyline of Saudi Arabia, the huge cube-shaped skyscraper named Makuub, seeks to be the size of over 20 empire-state buildings.

The cube will contain two million square metres of shops and cultural attractions, being built as part of the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 initiative.

Led by Saudi Arabian royalty, Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, the project will also contain 9,000 hotel rooms and over 1.4 million square metres of office space. It is expected that tourists will be able to spend their entire holiday in luxury, inside the wonderous cube.

Fire & Safety within Makuub

The cube itself will have storage for water and other fire-fighting chemicals, along with fire and safety-trained personnel ready at the establishment.

With such a large area to be covered, the Cube will also have its own firefighting and safety vehicles. This, combined with safety doors and an innovative surveillance system, ensures that in the event of a fire breaking out, safety teams will be able to control the flow of the fire and combat it appropriately, as quickly as possible.

Through state-of-the-art firefighting, the Makuub promises to be a tourism experience which is entirely fireproof.