Explosion Proof Actuator Meets UL HazLoc, ATEX and IECEx Requirements

Explosion Proof Actuator Meets UL HazLoc, ATEX and IECEx Requirements

Testing has confirmed that TLX Technologies’ Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision has met the UL HazLoc, ATEX and IECEx requirements for use in fire suppression systems in hazardous locations.

The patented product joins the company’s other actuators. The explosion proof actuator with supervision has been designed as a top-mounted linear actuator, which means it doesn’t act as a pressure vessel on the discharge valve. The unique design means it has a distinct advantage over systems that use a combination of pneumatic and electric valves. While the latter can have multiple leak points due to the number of connections required on route, TLX Technologies’ design has just one potential leak point – at the discharge valve pin.

Through careful consideration of the material grade selection and specific design features the actuator can also act as an enclosure, eliminating the need for additional components.

Additionally the force output of the actuator can be modified according to any system’s operating pressure requirements meaning it can open the valve effectively and without damage to the system.

As with all of TLX Technologies’ linear actuators, this one meets NFPA 2001: Sec standards for supervision. Its integrated supervisory feature offers fully-engaged installation detection to show that is has been correctly installed or disconnected from a system.