Dubai warehouse fire brought under control

Dubai warehouse fire brought under control

Teams from Civil Defence were dispatched to the warehouse in Jebel Ali and quickly took control of the situation.

The fire, which took place over a week ago now, serves as a perfect example of what to do in a large fire scenario.

As soon as the fire broke out, those at the warehouse cleared out and immediately called Dubai Civil Defence.

“We sent a team over to the warehouse shortly after and we were able to put the blaze out along with backup firefighters from the Dubai Parks and Al Marsa fire stations.”


Source: Pexels

The fire was quickly brought under control just before 3.30 pm, and an official investigation is now underway.

In a warehouse fire event, automatic fire detection and suppression should be to combat the fire, however, warehouses are known for holding dangerous and sometimes flammable supplies, in which case these automatic fire suppression systems serve to slow the fire as it moves to safety doors.

Whenever smoke is seen or a fire is reported, immediately leave your building and head to a designated safety point and call your local firefighting agencies.