du and Injazat take fire protection to the next level in UAE

du and Injazat take fire protection to the next level in UAE

du, part of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), and Injazat have teamed up to make UAE one of the safest countries in the world.

The move sees the companies use Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform for the Ministry of Interior’s ‘Hassantuk’ Fire and Life Safety systems in the UAE to speed up response time and maintain highest standards of fire safety.

With the upgraded platform, buildings and properties will continue to be monitored for smoke and fire detection 24×7. This is in line with the country’s smart city initiatives which incorporates public safety, building protection and citizen-centric experiences to enhance safety and quality of life in the country.

The newly enhanced solution connects more than 25,000 buildings to the Hassantuk Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) via the Alarm Transmission Equipment (ATE), which is installed in all the buildings. In case of a fire or a life threating event, the ATE will immediately send the alarm to the Hassantuk IoT Platform, which will provide all the communication to Hassantuk Command and Control Center, enabling them to act and pass on to the Civil Defence Command and Control Center if required. The system will strengthen emergency responses and management providing added protection to lives, property and the environment in the country.

Ayman Alsebeyi, General Manager at Hassantuk, said: “Hassantuk is among the world’s fire and life public safety service that is designed not only to save lives and properties, but also ensure highest levels of building maintenance and safety systems. The system ensures fastest response time to fire and emergency alerts though a 24×7 connected fire alarm system.

“In our continued work to optimise emergency response capabilities, we are delighted to partner with advanced technology solution providers – du and Software AG who share a common vision of driving highest levels of prevention, safety and emergency readiness across the nation, in line with international best practices, making UAE one of the safest countries in the world.”

Martin Tarr, Chief ICT Officer at du, added: “du has been at the forefront of accelerating progress and driving the digital transformation of industries. IoT is enabling vital advancements for industry-wide security including fire safety and the Software AG IoT platform takes this protection to the next level.

“With advanced products and cutting-edge technology, du demonstrates a sustainable commitment to supporting the public sector in protecting people and contributes to the technological advancement in the fire safety industry in the UAE.”

Furthermore, Rami Kichli, Sr. Vice President, Middle East and Turkey, Software AG added: “IoT is revolutionising most essential industries and the fire industry is no exception. We are privileged to play a role in redefining the fire safety experience in UAE.

“This is a big responsibility; Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT forms a robust and reliable foundation here. The technology facilitates improved visibility, lesser response times and decision-making capabilities for improved performance by the entire system. We echo the leadership’s vision to make UAE as one of the leading happy and safe places to live and are aligned to work with public sector to realise this.”