Coopers announce FireMaster Insul8 – Innovative Fire Curtain

Coopers announce FireMaster Insul8 – Innovative Fire Curtain

Coopers Fire introduced innovations to the marketplace with the launch of their new insulated fire curtain, the FireMaster Insul8.

“An insulated fire curtain is something the business has been striving towards, and [we are now] really pleased to announce this launch which continues to demonstrate that Coopers Fire, ‘Lead the way, in Fire Protection’.

The Insul8 fire curtain, pictured right, has been tested by Warrington Fire to BS EN 1634-1 and achieves an integrity of 240 minutes (E240) and a radiance of 240 minutes


Source: Coopers Fire

(EW240) and an insulation of 90 minutes (EI1 90).

“This is a very exciting addition to our range and will ensure that escape routes are protected from radiant heat, preserving structural integrity and reducing secondary fire risk as well as suitable for other applications in a building.

After many years of Research and Development, Coopers are pleased to unveil a pioneering product in fire protection and offer the FireMaster Insul8 fire curtain in sizes up to 2.88m width and 3.35m drop,” the company announced in the press release.

The FireMaster Insul8 Insulated Fire Curtain boasts advanced thermal insulation properties, providing a defence against the intense heat generated during a fire.

In the event of a fire, the curtain deploys under a controlled descent, creating a fire-resistant and thermally insulated barrier that helps contain the flames and limit the damage.

The quick deployment of a fire curtain is critical in emergencies, offering occupants valuable seconds to evacuate safely and providing emergency responders with a more controlled environment.

Find out more about the Insul8 Fire Curtain via its official product description: