Cloud-seeding could help beat wildfire

Cloud-seeding could help beat wildfire

A new method called ‘cloud seeding’ is hoping to help mitigate drought conditions worldwide and help reduce the risk of wildfire. It works by using electrical charged from drones to create artificial rain.

Meteorological officials showcased how the technology works in the UAE when they released footage of a downpour over Ras al Khaimah which was created by the cloud seeding technique.

Scientists from the University of Reading in the UK used drones hitting clouds with  electricity, which creates large raindrops, essential for hot countries where smaller droplets simply evaporate prior to reaching the ground.

Mansoor Abulhoul, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the UK was shown demonstrations of the new technology during a visit to the University of Reading in May. He said: “It’s moving to think that the rainfall technology I saw today, which is still being developed, may someday support countries in water­ scarce environments like the UAE.”

The UAE’s total investment in rain­ making projects is $15 million, part of the country’s “quest to ensure water security.”