Bosch’s 500 series ultra-flat detectors

Vimpex to showcase new fire alarm system at FIREX. (Credit: Unsplash)

Bosch’s 500 series ultra-flat detectors

Projecting down from the ceiling, smoke detectors are very noticeable and not visually pleasing. This is especially true in areas like lounges, elegant villas, galleries, and museums. As the detectors start to gather dirt and dust over time, they do little to help maintain a stylish, sophisticated ambience.

The solution – is the Bosch 500 series ultra-flat design detector.

Bosch invisible smoke detector 500 Series has a virtual optical chamber inside, which means that it doesn’t stick out of the ceiling. The smooth surface doesn’t gather the usually visible dirt in rooms with high dust build-up. It is a reliable, easy-to-clean solution, which saves service time and costs.

The level of dirt build-up is continuously measured, with a visual signal indicating when the unit needs to be cleaned.

The 500 Series has a scattered-light fire detection system with a dual detection area. As a result of the sensors monitor two independent light areas in an open space, the detector is extremely reliable. The invisible detector is also available as a multi-sensor detector. This combination of scattered-light sensors and CO gas sensors allows alarms to be evaluated using intelligent signal-processing methods. This greatly decreases the likelihood of false alarms and increases the number of possible applications since this detector even works well in environments that are unsuitable for standard photoelectric detectors.