Avoid false positives with high-quality detection

Avoid false positives with high-quality detection

When you’re running a business with multiple offices and warehouses, a false positive fire alert can disrupt an entire today and cost hundreds.

Avoid false positives by utilizing fire detection systems which are at the top of the market, different types of fire alarms are currently available on the market, such as those which use lasers and mirrors, or those which use artificial intelligence to learn the patterns of a fire.

A company that sells the highest quality of fire detection services is that of Apollo Fire. Apollo Fire’s new REACH system is designed to save time, effort and expenditure by being a bespoke, up-to-date package which uses Bluetooth and wireless connections to build a network of fire detection technologies, operating simultaneously and covering a wide area.

The service uses real-time, quick-fire detection capabilities which are consistently tested, verified and updated, ensuring that there are no false positives, and your establishments are kept safe.

Most importantly, after the easy installation, you no longer need to take your time thinking about fire safety and can get back to doing what your business does best.

Find out more from Apollo Fire through their official website. Fire Middle East will soon hold a webinar with Apollo Fire.