Angatec’s Firefighting Robots

Angatec’s Firefighting Robots

Angatec is a company which specialises in the design and operation of fire-fighting robots.

As architecture continues to evolve within the Middle East, buildings are becoming particularly complex, some highrises standing tall above the city, and others with weakened structures. s

During a fire scenario, with trapped smoke and high heat, these architectural feats may fail to sustain themselves, folding in on themselves and becoming deadly to traverse.

In comes the machine. Angatec utilises robot firefighters, such as the TEC800 firefighting robot. An innovative blueprint brought to life in warehouses and manufacturing facilities owned by Angatec, before then being loaded with appropriate software, tested and authenticated, and then sent out into fire scenarios to save lives.

The TEC800 firefighting robot has a number of distinct capabilities, able to carry out lifesaving tasks without being susceptible to the regular risks a firefighter would face.

Underground fires, such as those as a result of tunnels, car parks and fires with high explosion risks, such as those within industrial sites, refineries, unstable electrical environments or within particular grounds of warehouses are perfect scenarios for firefighting robots. Able to be operated from afar through the use of a mix of artificial intelligence and human input.

Information is swiftly gathered through cameras, sensors, etc before then appropriately carrying out victim assistance, fire extinguishing or logistical support.

Find out more about Angatec’s firefighting robots on their official site, or by clicking here.