Fire at Al Shuala facility injures 14 workers

Fire at Al Shuala facility injures 14 workers

14 workers were injured after a fire broke out at an onshore oil line facility operated by state giant Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

The company has given details on the nature of the fire, stating a “limited fire broke out in the Al Shuala line outside Assembly Centre No 1 in the southeast of Kuwait, during scheduled periodic maintenance”.


Source: Pexels

The fire broke out in the torch line during maintenance work carried out by the contractor’s employees, resulting in a number of injuries among the contractor’s workers, who were immediately transferred to the specialised hospitals to receive the necessary medical care,”

Arab Times has put the number of injured workers at 14. However, there have been no details as to the extent of the worker’s injuries.

The fire broke out as a result of flames from an oil line during routine maintenance, says the Kuwait Oil Company. The company has reported this will not affect production efforts and the situation was quickly brought under control, with damage to the facility effectively limited.

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