ADCDA launches 37 new rescue and firefighting points

ADCDA launches 37 new rescue and firefighting points

Thirty-seven new rescue and firefighting points throughout Abu Dhabi have been activated, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (ADCDA) has announced.

The launch of the new point will help to enhance the emergency response time, as well as improve readiness for dealing with potential emergencies and accidents.

According to Colonel Salem Khalifa Al Mansouri, Director of the External Regions Rescue and Fire Department and Project Manager of Barq Patrol Points, the strategic points are equipped with advanced technologies and equipment to ensure the highest standards of efficiency.

The new rescue and firefighting points will be in 16 locations in Abu Dhabi with a further 14 in Al Ain and 7 in the Al Dhafra Region.

Brigadier Salem Abdullah bin Barrak Al Dhaheri, Acting Director General of ADCDA, stated that the initiative is part of a comprehensive plan prepared to support the emirate’s emergency system. The initiative includes training human resources and developing programmes and operations, emphasising the authority’s commitment to providing the highest levels of protection for the community and enhancing its capabilities in dealing with various emergencies with high efficiency and effectiveness.