Abu Dhabi’s new safety rules for gas cylinders and construction sites

Abu Dhabi’s new safety rules for gas cylinders and construction sites

The Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and the Gas Safety Committee announced new gas rules in the emirate to ensure additional safety measures and reduce construction site fire accidents.

The cylinder safety protocols will require all construction sites in the area and accompanying contractors and suppliers to fully comply with the safety requirements after the committee recommended numerous safety measures, and precautions to those working in the industry.

After announcing three circulars explaining rules for commercial and retail gas use, safety, and purchasing in August 2023, the municipality has included that they will be keeping a close watch on construction sites to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

The circulars include the prohibition of wholesale supply or sale of LPG from sources outside of the UAE’s national petroleum companies, retail outlets will not be able to be involved in the sale of gas cylinders and that economic entities should use available central gas systems in their buildings and avoid gas cylinders.

To ensure that protocols are being followed at all times, the committee will closely monitor compliance with safety standards to provide a safe working environment at construction sites.

Eng. Khalid Nasser Al Menhali, Executive Director of the City Planning Sector, emphasised that compliance with the circulars is mandatory and that it will benefit all in the industry.

The municipality also urged consultants and developers to supervise contractors and educate workers about health, environmental, and safety risks during workshops to further reduce fire accidents.